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Bitsy, Star Finder
Roary the Flyin' Lion, Bitsy's companion

Bitsy and Roary Starfinders™


Bitsy is a model star-child. Shy and hardworking, she understands the dream-making process very well for a little Moondreamer. Her pet and companion, Roary the lion, is outgoing, courageous and a bit of a snob. Shy Bitsy buries her head in Roary’s mane when she has to talk. Poseable 4½” Bitsy features glow in the dark hair, clothing and star comb. Roary has glow in the dark features, too! Comes with figure stand and crystal necklace.

Bitsy can be seated on Roary's back.


  • Gold star headband
  • White dress
  • Gold thread stockings
  • Gold star shoes