Bucky Buckaroo

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Bucky Buckaroo, Star Maintenance

Bucky Buckaroo™


Bucky Buckaroo is a star ropin’, cloud-punchin’, comet-bustin’ cowboy! He rides into the starry sky looking for adventures – and sometimes winds up in trouble! Feeling corralled by the Moondreamers’ nightly routine, he glamourizes his life with songs, trick riding and a cowboy swagger. Loyal Bucky is always nearby to help his Moondreamer friends. Poseable 5½” doll features glow in the dark hair, clothing and star comb. Comes with figure stand and dream crystal necklace


  • Gold jumpsuit
  • Aqua waistcoat with gold string
  • Cream sneakers

Series 1: Dream Points

Dream Points were printed on the bottom of boxes for a promotional reward program similar to My Little Pony Horseshoe Points. Some boxes also had stickers included.

Series 2: Vinyl Records

Series 2 dolls came with a vinyl record.

Series 3: Dreamtails

Bucky Buckaroo was not re-released in series 3.