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G1 FF Butterscotch
G1 CF Butterscotch
G1 FF Butterscotch's Symbol

Butterscotch was one of the first six ponies that were released by Hasbro. She was released 3 times in two years, the first time being in 1982.

Pony Stats

  • Pose: Collectors Pose
  • Body Colour: Yellow
  • Hair Colour: Golden Brown
  • Eye Colour: Golden Brown
  • Symbol: Seven orange butterflies

In 1982 she came as a Flat Foot Pony. All the (FF) ponies are smaller in size then the rest of the collectors pose ponies. Butterscotch was made as Flat Foot (FF) , Concave Foot (CF) and as Mail Order (MO).


FF Butterscotch came with a pink orginal comb and a pink ribbon.

CF Butterscotch also came with a pink original comb and a pink ribbon.

MO Butterscotch also came with a pink original comb and a pink ribbon

The difference between Concave Ponies and Mail Order ponies are hard to figure out. But when it comes to Butterscotch the difference is that the Mail Order has a paler yellow body and deeper golden brown hair.

Back Card Stories

Media Appearances

Argentinean Butterscotch

G1 Argentinean Butterscotch

Brazilian Butterscotch

G1 Brazilian Butterscotch

Brazilian Os Fofinhos Butterscotch

Brazilian Os Fofinhos Butterscotch

Greek Butterscotch

Indian Butterscotch

  • made by playskool

Italian Butterscotch

Macau Butterscotch

Macau Butterscotch

Mexican Butterscotch

  • FF
  • CF
  • Auriken
G1 Mexican Butterscotch

Retro Butterscotch

Retro Butterscotch
25th Anniversary reissue of 1983 Butterscotch

G1 Butterscotch was reissued for My Little Pony's 25th Anniversary. She was packaged along with Blue Belle and Cotton Candy.

Spanish Butterscotch

  • Piggy with blue butterflies
  • Piggy with orange butterflies

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