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This article is about Generation 1 Rainbow Ponies. For "Generation 3 Rainbow Ponies", see G3 Rainbow Ponies.

There are two sets of G1 Rainbow Ponies, one each in year 2 and year 3. In the US the Rainbow Ponies' distinguishing features were rainbow striped manes and tails and glittery symbols.

English: Rainbow Ponies
French (Canadian): Poneys Arc-en-ciel
German: Regenbogen-Ponys
Greek: Paramythi Ponies [Fairytale Ponies]
Italian: Pony Arcobaleno
Portuguese (Brazil): Arco-Íris Pôneis
Spanish: Pony Arco Iris

Year Two Rainbow Ponies

Set of six Generation 1 ponies.

The year 2 Rainbow Ponies were also reissued for the 25th Anniversary of My Little Pony.

Year 3 Rainbow Ponies

Set of six Generation 1 ponies.

German Rainbow Ponies

Regenbogen Ponys

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