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<gallery widths="150" heights="150">
<gallery widths="150" heights="150">
File:Secret Surprise Bright Bramley.jpg|[[Bright Bramley]]
File:Secret Surprise Bright Bramley.jpg|[[Bright Bramley#Secret Surprise Bright Bramley|Bright Bramley]]
File:Wingsong2.jpg|[[G2 Wingsong|Wingsong]] (Secret Surprise II)
File:Wingsong2.jpg|[[G2 Wingsong#Secret Surprise Wingsong II|Wingsong]] (Secret Surprise II)

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Year One (1997) Secret Surprise Friends

Year One (1997)

Year Two (1998)

Begins International Exclusive

Year Three (1999)

Year Four (2000)

Year Five (2001)

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