Crunch the Rockdog

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Crunch the Rockdog
Generation 1 | Season 1 | Episode 43-44
My Little Pony 'n Friends
Original Airdate(s) November 12-13, 1986
Writer(s) Linda Woolverton
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Baby, It's Cold Outside The Revolt of Paradise Estate

Crunch the Rockdog is a 2 part episode. Each segment is 10 minutes long and it was the fifteenth story in the first series of My Little Pony 'n Friends. This aired in the US between 12th – 13th November 1986


  • Episode 1 It starts with Paradise reading a story of two ponies who are in love but have to separate due to something chasing them. It upsets all the babies ponies whom she’s reading it too. Wind whistler doesn’t understand why the two would separate at sunset it’s illogical to her, Button and Gusty feel she has no feelings but they upset her proving she does, even so they just laugh it off. The Bushwoolies are swimming away from Crunch the Rock Dog and can’t decide which way to go to get away as he turns everything to stone including most of them. One Purple Bushwoolie gets away and tells Wind Whistler, Danny and Megan about Crunch while they’re outside trying to cheer up Wind Whistler. Gusty takes this chance to remind Wind Whistler when she says to remain calm that she has no feelings still. They decide to talk to The Moochick to find out about Crunch. He tells them to go to the purple mountains to talk to his Royal Elevated Eminence. Arriving at the mountains Crunch captures the purple Bushwoolie while he’s trying to save a pink one. Danny runs over and orders the dog to sit, Crunch laughs then gives chases. Gusty has an idea mid run to lead Crunch away and to meet them back at the valley but Crunch catches her and turns her to stone.
  • Episode 2 Megan and co look back to see what has happened to Gusty. Wind Whistler prevents them from going back to rescues Gusty as they’ll only succumb to the same fate. They again conclude she has no feelings but Megan steps in saying she’s right. When they then get cornered on a cliff Buttons tries to distract Crunches stone pets that look like rocks with eyes and a mouth, the same as Gusty did, while Megan and co run for it. Buttons lures them to the edge of the cliff and breaks the ledge. The stone pets fall on top of Crunch and Buttons catches but up with Megan and co. They find his Royal Elevated Eminence to be the mountain itself. He tells the Ponies about Crunch and it being his fault. Crunch was created to protect the heart stone which gives the mountain feelings, but he forgot to give him some heart. The mountain tells them about the black lava rock collar making Crunch indestructible, around Crunches neck. He tells them to take the heart stone and use it to defeat Crunch. As soon as they take the stone the mountain changes from helpful to demanding it back as he gets his feelings from the stone. They escape and Crunch finds them at the cave entrance that led to the stone. Truly challenges him, this time Wind whistler tells her and Crunch to go ahead which gives even more of an impression she has no feelings. She continues to act like she’s tired of the other ponies, When Crunch calls her bluff and turns Truly to stone she drops the act a little and lets out a tear. She then picks the act back up and offers Megan who has the heart stone in her hands as the next victim. The heart stone works its magic and changes Crunch into a puppy. It then restores the two stone ponies to their former selves and the land and Bushwoolies. Crunch is still moody so they break off a piece of the heart and insert it into Crunches collar. He returns to regular huge size but happy and nice. Danny puts the Heart stone back, the mountain thanks them and Wind Whistler is apologised to.





Bettina Bush as Megan
Scott Menville as Danny
Nancy Cartwright as Gusty, Truly
Susan Blu as Buttons, Paradise (1)
Sarah Partridge as Wind Whistler
Unknown actors as Bushwoolies, The Moochick (2), Crunch, His Elevated Eminence

Non-speaking appearences by Baby Heart Throb, Baby Ribbon, Valentine Valentine's friend

Crew and Credits


  • E1 The Blue Bushwoolie is the one who escapes Crunch but it’s the Purple Bushwoolie who informs Megan of what is happening.
  • E2 When Buttons is handing Megan some flowers mid song Gusty is missing her horn.
  • E2 When Danny puts the Heart stone back in the cave, the piece that should now be missing is drawn in.
  • E2 Gusty turns into Button on the close up as Wind Whistler explains herself and her actions at the end of the show.

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