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==== Series 1: Dream Points ====  
==== Series 1: Dream Points ====  

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Crystal Starr, star architect

Crystal Starr™


She’s the beautiful Star Architect and leader of Starry Up. She designs new stars and replaces those that have fallen or become dented by space ships and asteroids. Crystal is completely committed to maintaining the magical wishing properties of every star. Clever and kind, she keeps Starry Up running like a dream! Poseable 5½” Crystal comes with glow in the dark hair, clothing and star comb. Accessories include a figure stand and dream crystal necklace for you!


  • Silver star headband
  • Pink dress
  • Silver thread stockings
  • Pink star shoes

Series 1: Dream Points

Dream Points were printed on the bottom of boxes for a promotional reward program similar to My Little Pony Horseshoe Points. Some boxes also had stickers included.

Series 2: Vinyl Records

Series 2 dolls came with a promotional vinyl record.

This release doll often had a lighter, more made-up 'dolly' face and had gold threaded tights instead of silver thread.

She sometimes came with a yellow pick instead of her usual pink pick.

Crystal Starr, "doll-face variant"
Original silver thread
Variant gold thread

Series 3: Dreamtails

Series 3 dolls came with one "Dreamtail", which was a lock of Glow-in-the-Dark hair attached to a pink hairclip.