Dolph the Dolphin

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Dolph the Dolphin

Dolph is a character from the story "Wave Dancer is Missing", he is the only non-mermaid character to be given a name in the book. He is the faithful assistant to MerMadame, the school's head-mermaid. He joins Wave Dancer and Sea Splasher's team for the swimming competition and is with Wave Dancer when she's captured, and with Sea Splasher and the rest of the team when they rescue Wave Dancer. No known toys of him exist, and he appears to be an ordinary dolphin with no unusual colors, markings, or symbols. Unable to chew through the fishing net to free Wave Dancer, Dolph went to get the other mermaids to come help, his only speaking parts in the book are to try and call Wave Dancer back to the ocean floor, away from the music she heard from the surface.
Dolph the Dolphin from the book Wave Dancer is Missing

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