Equestria Girls Playsets

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Rockin' Convertible

Rockin' Convertible Stock Photo.jpg

DJ Pon-3's Rockin' Convertible came with a pair of girls glasses that also served as the car's windshield.

Rockin' Convertible Exclusive

Toys R Us Exclusive Set

A set was available exclusively at Toys R Us combining the regular release Rockin' Convertible with the Neon Single DJ Pon-3.

Mane Event Stage Playset

Mane Event Stage Stock Photo.jpg

The Mane Event Playset included Pinkie Pie and was available exclusively at KMart.

Canterlot High

Canterlot High Stock Photo.jpg

The Canterlot High Playset came with DJ Pon-3.

School Lockers

School Lockers Stock Photo.jpg

The School Lockers Playset included Photo Finish and a set of five lockers with accessories.

Motocross Bike

Motocross Bike 1.jpg
Motocross Bike 2.jpg

The Motocross Bike was released as part of the Friendship Games line. It can seat two dolls and comes with one helmet.