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G1 Combs

Original Combs

Came with Collector Ponies from Year One (1982-1983) and other ponies and playsets through Year Two (1983-1984).

Duck Combs

Heart and Dots Combs

Sun Picks

Flower Picks

Candy Combs

Fish Combs

Racecar Combs

Grasshopper Combs

Moon Combs

Star Combs

Star Picks

Princess Picks

Sweetheart Sister Picks

There are many pictures around showing different colors picks to different ponies in the set, the color does not seem to have been set.[1][2][3]

Ballerina Picks

Swirl Combs

"ABC" Combs

"1234" Combs

Petite Star Picks

Moon Dreamers Star Picks

These came with Moon Dreamers dolls, but are from the same mold as the Petite Pony star picks, except these glow in the dark and have a pearlescent appearance.

Secret Surprise Picks

Mirror Combs

Pony Tales Friends Combs

Other Combs

G1 Brushes

The G1 plush ponies also came with Flower and Star brushes, they are distinguished by the small hole on the handle as this was used to keep them fixed on the plush before purchase.

Bear Brushes

Shooting Star Brushes

(no rainbow sticker)

Shooting Star Brushes with Rainbow Stickers

Flower Brushes

Frog Brushes

Bird Brushes

Butterfly Brushes

Whale Brushes

Heart and Dots Brushes

Lollipop Brushes

Dog Brushes

Shell Brushes

Soft Sleepy Newborn Brushes

Guitar Brushes

Playset Brushes

Non-My Little Pony



Kitten Brushes

Came with My Little Kitties

See also


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