G1 Exclusive Ponies

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The G1 Exclusive Ponies page is for what are also referred to as international ponies, non-US ponies, UK exclusive ponies, or European exclusive ponies. These ponies weren't available worldwide but aren't insanely rare like the Nirvana Ponies. Most of them were available throughout Europe but some were limited to only certain countries in Europe for whatever reason (which could qualify them them as Nirvana ponies... so such ponies should end up being linked to from both this and the Nirvana page).

Year Two - 1984

Sea Ponies

Year Three - 1985

Year Four - 1986

Year Five - 1987

Year Six - 1988

Mountain Boy Ponies

Year 8 - 1990

Baby Sparkle and Starlight Babies

Baby Sparkle Ponies (available in the US)

Starlight Baby Ponies (available in US)

Year Thirteen - 1995

Dutch Baby Ponies

Dutch Ponies