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Generation 1 had many play sets for the My Little Ponies.

Year Two - 1983

Pretty Parlour The first to be released was the Pretty Parlour in the 1983-84 release. It was released in the U.S, Australia, the UK? (other countries??). The building shape was used again for the Brush Me Beautiful Boutique and also the Kitchen (Uk Release).

Grooming Parlour - U.K

Show Stable The building for the show stable was used again. It can be seen as Home Sweet Home (Year 7), Megans Place (Released only at Sears), and a Pink variation released in the U.K with slightly different colours in 1990.

Waterfall The waterfall is a playset where the ponies could come for a play and it had a working shower. The playset came with the pony Sprinkles and a duck called Duck Soup. It was released again in year 3 but there were no changes. However in 1986 in the U.K the waterfall was released in different colours and came with the pony Cascade.

Dream Castle The Dream Castle is home to Majesty and Spike and is often featured in the Movies. The castle was released again in year 3 with no changes. It was later released in year 7 as a Lavender Dream Castle and the accessories had also changed colour. Majesty was not included with that release but it did come with a different version of Spike. However majesty was re released at a later date as a mail order pony.

Carry Case

Gymkhana Set

Year Three - 1984

Baby Buggy

The Baby Buggy was released in year 3 with the pony Baby Cuddles. It was released again in year 4 but the only thing that changed was the pony Baby Cuddles she was now a Beddy Bye eyed Version.

Lullabye Nursery

The Lullabye Nursery was also released in year 3 and came with Baby Tiddly Winks which is a Non Beddy Bye Version.

Collector's Case

The Collector's Case was done in the fashion on the Dream Castle and features to levels of stalls able to hold 12 ponies in all.

Baby Pony Collector's Case

The Baby Pony Collector's Case was featured as the Lullabye Nursery and was able to hold 9 baby ponies.

Year Four - 1985

Pony Purse

The Pony Purse was released with Baby Sleepy Pie and it was able to hold a baby pony in the front pocket and adult inside and accessories.

Baby Bonnet School of Dance

The Baby Bonnet School of Dance came with Baby Half Note and inside it features 3 platforms that spin around to make the babies dance. It could be closed to carry around by the pink bow handle.

Paradise Estate

The Paradise Estate playset was given to the ponies by Moochick after the Dream Castle was covered in smooze. The actual playset has four rooms, a pool and a patio area and can be open up to reveal 4 furnished rooms.

Year Five - 1986

Pony Purse

The Pony Purse was again released but this time it was different colours and came with Baby Crumpet

Satin Slipper Sweet Shoppe

The Satin Slipper Sweet Shoppe is a shoe shapped playset where the ponies could go for icecreams and drinks. It came with Scoops who is featured as a TAF pony.

Perm Shoppe

The Perm Shoppe also known as the Crimp 'n Curl Hail Salon in the U.K is a beauty salon where the ponies could go to have the hair and make up done. It comes with the pony Fifi who is featured as a TAF pony.

Year Six - 1987

Poof 'N Puff Perfume Palace

The Poof 'N Puff Perfume Palace is a playset where ponies could come to get the fashion accessories and makeup. The actual playset does also work as a perfume bottle.

Brush me Beautiful Boutique

The Brush me Beautiful Boutique has used the same building as the Pretty Parlour except instead of being blue it is now purple. It came with the same accessories except the colours are different and it now comes with the cat name Catnip who is a white and green tabby.

Mommy Charms

The Mommy Charms were a special set of tiny ponies that could be worn on a braclet. Each pony is named and has a special purpose which is explained with the paperwork it came with.

Year Seven - 1988


The Rock-a-Bye-Bed is a bed that came with accessories for the ponies to wear when the went to sleep. However this playset did not get released with a pony.


The Scrub-a-Dub-Tub is another small playset that the ponies could now wash themselves in and has the accessories to match.

Sweet Dreams Crib

The Sweet Dreams Crib was designed so that the babies ponies could use it to sleep in. It came with accessories to match.

Pony Make Up Eye shadow, lipstick, nail polish and a tote bag to carry it in.

Home Sweet Home This playset was released in 1989 and is the same as the Show Stable but the building itself and the accessories are different colours.

Lavender Dream Castle This playset was also released in 1989. It features the same accessories as the Dream Castle but the castle and the accessories have changed colours.

Year Eight - 1989

Princess Baby Buggy

This saw the release of the Princess Baby Buggy with Baby Princess Sparkle

Year Nine - 1989

Year Ten - 1990

Show Stable - U.K

This saw the release of another Show Stable the name changed the same but the playset saw some colour changes.

School House

This saw the release of the School House although it is based on the shape of the Pretty Parlour it is also quite different. Despite it often being pictured with a pony there was never one released with it.

Year 12 - 1992


This saw the release of the Kitchen, although based one the Pretty Parlour building once opened you can see that it was very different inside. It was originally never released with a pony but later issues included Baby Nightcap and Baby Sleeptight

Year 14 - 1994

Bed and Crib Set

This saw the release of the Bed and Crib Set it was specifically released for the Mommy Pony and her two twins.