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This page will have a gallery of the pony Jewelery
#REDIRECT [[G2 Jewelry]]
<gallery widths=150px heights=150px perrow=3 caption="Accessories">
File: Skimmerbraclet.jpg|Braclet comes with [[Sky Skimmer]]
File:Ivy Earring.jpg|Attaches to [[Ivy]]'s Headpiece
File:Ivy hdaccess.jpg|Attaches to [[Ivy]]'s Headpiece
File:Ivy ring.jpg|Came with [[Ivy]]
File:Ivy br.jpg|Came with [[Ivy]]
File:Chapel-ring.jpg|Wedding ring came with [[Wedding Chapel with Dainty Dove]]
File:Throne ring.JPG|[[G2 Sundance#Enchanted Throne with Queen Sunsparkle|Ring came with Enchanted Throne with Queen Sunsparkle]]
File:Hip-holly-ring.jpg|Ring came with [[Hip Holly]]
File:G2-star-swirl-ring.jpg|Came with [[Magic Star Swirl]]
File:G2-star-swirl-amulet.jpg|Came with [[Magic Star Swirl]]
File:Sweet berry ring.JPG|Came with [[Sweet Berry#Magic Motion Family Sweet Berry and Baby Honeyberry|Sweet Berry]]
File:Ladycupcakecrown.JPG|Crown came with [[G2 Cupcake#Lady Cupcake|Lady Cupcake]]
File:Ladycupcakenecklace.JPG|Necklace came with [[G2 Cupcake#Lady Cupcake|Lady Cupcake]]
File:Wingsong necklace.JPG|Came with [[G2 Wingsong#Secret Surprise Wingsong I|Secret Surprise Wingsong I]]
File:Fireandflamecharm.jpg|Charm came with [[Fire and Flame]]
File:Satin_Splash_Ring1.JPG|Ring came with [[Satin Splash]]
File:Satin_Splash_Ring2.JPG|Another ring came with [[Satin Splash]]
File:Satin_Splash_Earrings.JPG|Earrings came with [[Satin Splash]]
File:Moonshadownecklace.JPG|Necklace came with [[Moon Shadow]]
File:Moon shadow braclet.JPG| Bracelet came with [[Moon Shadow]]
File:Throne medallion.JPG|[[G2 Sundance#Enchanted Throne with Queen Sunsparkle|Medallion came with Enchanted Throne with Queen Sunsparkle]]
File:Throne medallion varient.JPG|[[G2 Sundance#Enchanted Throne with Queen Sunsparkle|Variant Medallion came with Enchanted Throne with Queen Sunsparkle]]

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