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[[Image:G2 logo.gif|thumb|G2 Logo]]
#REDIRECT [[G2 Ponies]]
(Listed [[G3_A-Z|alphabetically]])
Many ponies sold only in europe need to be moved to the [[G2 Non-US Ponies]] page.
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==== Generation 2 ====
The second generation of My Little Ponies was first produced in 1997, until 2002.
== Year One - 1997==
=== [[Secret Surprise ponies]] ===  
*[[Berry Bright]]
*[[Clever Clover]]
*[[G2 Morning Glory|Morning Glory]]
*[[Petal Blossom]]
*[[Sky Skimmer]]
=== [[Magic Motion Ponies]] ===
*[[G2 Sundance|Sundance]]
=== [[Playset Ponies]] ===
*[[Light Heart]]
== Year Two - 1998 ==
=== [[Secret Surprise ponies]] ===   
*[[G2 Cupcake|Cupcake]]
*[[Secret Tale]]
*[[G2 Wingsong|Wingsong]]
=== [[Magic Motion Ponies]] ===
*[[Moon Shadow]]
*[[Tipsy Tulip]]
*[[Satin Splash]]
*[[Sweet Berry]]
=== [[Sunny Garden Friends]] ===
Basket Surprise with
*[[Sweet Berry]]
Birthday magic with
*[[Light Heart]]
*[[G2 Sundance|Sundance]]
=== [[Playset Ponies]] ===
*[[Dainty Dove]]
== Year Three - 1999 ==
=== [[Secret Surprise Ponies]] ===
*[[Hip Holly]]
*[[Merry Moments]]
*[[Satin Slipper]]
== Mail Order Pony ==
== Other ==
=== Not Released === 
*[[Petal Blossom's Tower]]
*[[Holiday Playsets with babies]]
=== Variants ===
*[[Blue Haired Ivy]]
The line ended in the U.S but continued on in Europe for a while, to see the continued line go to
'''[[G2 Non-US Ponies]]'''
==See Also==
*[[Time line of G2 Pony Releases]]
*[[G2 Playsets]]
*[[G2 Merchandise]]

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