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[[Image:G2 logo.gif|thumb|G2 Logo]]
#REDIRECT [[G2 Ponies]]
(Listed [[G3_A-Z|alphabetically]])
The second generation of My Little Ponies was first produced in 1997. It ran world wide until only 1998. It then continued on only in Europe until 2002. This page only covers the worldwide ponies, you can pick up the rest of the line on the [[G2 Exclusive Ponies]] page.
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== [[:Category: Year One (1997)|Year One (1997)]]==
==== [[:Category:Secret Surprise Friends|Secret Surprise Friends]] ====  
*[[Berry Bright]]
*[[Clever Clover]]
*[[G2 Morning Glory|Morning Glory]]
*[[Petal Blossom]]
*[[Sky Skimmer]]
==== [[:Category:Magic Motion Friends|Magic Motion Friends]] ====
*[[G2 Sundance|Sundance]]
==== [[:Category: G2 Playset Ponies|Playset Ponies]] ====
*[[Light Heart]]
== [[:Category: Year Two (1998)|Year Two (1998)]] ==
==== [[:Category:Secret Surprise Friends|Secret Surprise Friends]] ====   
*[[G2 Cupcake|Cupcake]]
*[[Secret Tale]]
*[[G2 Wingsong|Wingsong]]
==== [[:Category: G2 Mail Order Ponies|Mail Order Pony]] ====
The line ended in the U.S but continued on in Europe for a while, to see the continued line go to
''[[G2 Exclusive Ponies]]''
==See Also==
*[[Time line of G2 Pony Releases]]
*[[G2 Playsets]]
*[[G2 Merchandise]]

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