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*[[G1 Applejack]]
*[[G1 Applejack]]
*G1 [[Baby Applejack]]
*G1 [[Baby Applejack]]
*[[G4 Applejack]]
*[[Spring Fever]]
*[[Spring Fever]]

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G3 Applejack
G3 Applejack

Applejack was one of the many pony names from G1 that Hasbro decided to recycle, bringing the name back for G3.

Pony Stats

  • Pose: Rainbow Dash Pose
  • Body Colour: Red
  • Hair Colour: Green and yellow
  • Eye Colour: Green and yellow with red apple symbol
  • Symbol: Red apple on green and yellow checked picnic blanket
  • Hoof Heart: Green


Backcard Stories

If your looking for APPLEJACK, you can almost always find her in Pony Park, having a picnic next to Rainbowberry's fountain! She loves to pack a basket full of yummy treats and share them with her friends. Sometimes she takes her basket to Pony Beach, and goes for a swim after lunch!

Media Appearances

Applejack in "A Very Minty Christmas".

Animated Pony Stats

  • Body Colour: Dark orange
  • Hair Colour: Green with yellow streak in mane
  • Eye Colour: Green
  • Symbol: Red apple in diamond

Applejack starred in Friends Are Never Far Away, A Very Minty Christmas, The Princess Promenade, Pinkie Pie and the Lady Bug Jamboree and cameo in Meet the Ponies.


Picnic Celebration

Picnic Celebration Applejack
MIP Picnic Celebration Applejack
  • Picnic Celebration 2003


Tea Party



Teaparty with Applejack and Spring Fever

Ponies released in the Slice of life series are:

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