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Pinkie Pie bookmark

Story Books


Twinkle Twirl has to choreograph a special dance for the Friendship Ball, and she's completely uninspired! She asks Sky Wishes to make an extra-special wish so that she can come up with a great idea. Little do the ponies know that a wish-granting Pegasus pony, Star Catcher, has heard about this wish and is going to make it come true. Little girls will love this innovative book and DVD set staring all their favourite pony characters. The DVD contains the full-length Dancing in the Clouds movie.

  • Pinkie Pie's Spooky Dream

One beautiful night, PINKIE PIE, RAINBOW DASH, and SPARKLEWORKS decide to sleep out under the stars. RAINBOW DASH tells the other ponies a spooky story about a big storm. It gives poor PINKIE PIE a bad dream! Her friends reassure her that although dreams are not real, their friendship is. 24 pages 8" x 8"

suggested retail: $3.50

IMG 1118.JPG
  • The Thanksgiving Gift

IMG 1119.JPG
  • Valentine's Day, Up...Up...And Away!

IMG 1121.JPG
  • Meet The Ponies

Board Book

  • A Pony's Tale

It's time for this year's Pony Play! Cotton Candy is the director, and she might be working just a bit too hard to make the play perfect. Luckily, she realizes that a little help from her friends is just what it takes to put on the best show ever! 24 pages 8" x 8"

suggested retail: $3.50

  • Pony Field Day

It's springtime and the ponies are having a field day with lots of fun games and prizes. This winsome story is told with charming text and colorful illustrations. At the end of the day, each pony is a winner and so are little girls -- as your child is sure to love the special surprise - a pony charm is included!Available wherever books are sold

suggested retail: $3.99

  • Fun Days in Ponyville

Meet the ponies! In PONYVILLE, everyday is filled with fun and friendship. Each of the ponies is special in her own way. Read this book to learn all about the ponies.Available wherever books are sold.

suggested retail: $3.99

  • Crystal Princess: The Runaway Rainbow

All your favorite characters from The Runaway Rainbow movie come alive in this storybook, with scenes taken straight from the film! Available wherever books are sold.

suggested retail: $3.99

Festival Picture Reader
I Can Read!
  • Belle of the Ball: storybook

This book has been published as both a Festival Picture Reader and an I Can Read! book.

It's time for the Best Friends' Ball! TWINKLE TWIRL helps everyone get ready for the big day. But what is she going to wear? With a little help from a special Pegasus pony, TWINKLE TWIRL will find a way to sparkle, too.Available wherever books are sold.

suggested retail: $3.99

Ages: 3-6

  • A Very Pony Place: story book

Relive the adventures from A VERY PONY PLACE in this storybook, with scenes taken straight from the film! Available wherever books are sold.

suggested retail: $3.99

  • World's Biggest Tea Party

Pinkie Pie has a great idea -- she wants to have The World's Biggest Tea Party. Learn how PINKIE and her friends make her dream come true. Available wherever books are sold.

suggested retail: $3.99

  • Pony Pop Stars

Toola-Roola wants to join the Pony Pop Stars band, but she can't sing like Sunny Daze, play the guitar like Skywishes, or play drums like Minty. What's a pony to do? Available wherever books are sold.

suggested retail: $3.99

  • Fun at the Fair: story book

It's time for the fair, and the ponies are so excited! There are lots of rides to enjoy, games to play, and prizes to win. Minty has her eye on a big teddy bear. Will she go home with the special prize?Available wherever books are sold

suggested retail: $3.99

  • Sparkle Window Board Books

Four Shiny Story Books are inside this set: Wysteria'S Wishes, Minty Monkeys Around, Rainbow Dash and the Hot Day, and Pinkie Pie's Secret Place. Your child is sure to love them all! Available wherever books are sold.

suggested retail: $12.99


  • Five Friends story book

Where are the ponies going? Five touchable plastic ponies each disappear with the turn of a page. Find out what happens at the end of their sunny afternoon adventure! Availalble wherever books are sold.

suggested retail: $8.99

  • The set of four books: Cheerilee's Flower Garden, StarSong Sings and Dances, Toola-Roola Paints a Picture, Pinkie Pie Throws a Party are sturdy board books and the come inside a case with StarSong picture and the front of the four books.

These fun shaped MY LITTLE PONY books are filled with sweet and magical adventures. Each sold separately. Available wherever books are sold. -hasbro.com

suggested retail: $3.99

  • The Runaway Rainbow: Story Book

The CRYSTAL PRINCESS Ponies are trying to make the first rainbow of the season. But, if Rarity the unicorn does not make it back in time, there will be no rainbows this year. Available wherever books are sold.

suggested retail: $3.99

  • The Princess Promenade: Story Book

Relive the adventure of the ponies and their new friends from The Princess Promenade DVD! Available wherever book are sold. -hasbro.com

suggested retail: $4.99

  • Pinkie Pie's Special Day

PINKIE PIE pony is an amazing friend to all the other ponies, so they want to show her how much they care about her. The ponies get together and plan a very sweet and special party for PINKIE PIE pony. Come and celebrate with the ponies!

Available wherever books are sold. -hasbro.com

suggested retail: $3.99

  • Wishes do Come True

suggested retail: $3.99

  • Pony Party with read along CD

100 6577.JPG
  • Spring Tea Party

  • Sleepover Surprise

Cherry Blossom is having a sleepover party, and all the ponies are invited! They are eating cookies, drinking hot chocolate, and reading books. But no party is complete without their best friend Skywishes. Where could she be?

suggested retail: $3.99

  • Ponies on Ice

The ponies are having an ice-skating party, and each pony plans to share a special skating trick. But Pinkie Pie doesn’t even know how to skate! Will she be able to learn in time for the party?

suggested retail: $3.99

Ages: 4-8

  • Tutus and Toe Shoes

Twinkle Twirl’s dance school is now open! Learning to dance is fun, but Pinkie Pie is scared to try the jumps. With her friends cheering her on, she soon gives those leaps a try!


suggested retail: $3.99

Ages: 4-8

  • Caps in the Air!

Today is graduation day in Ponyville, and Rainbow Dash can’t wait to wear her pretty cap. But when it gets lost, Rainbow Dash is upset. The ponies have to show her what graduation is all about!


suggested retail: $3.99

Ages: 4-8

  • The Missing Recipe

When Sweetberry cannot find her pie recipe for the baking contest, there is only one thing to do-start from scratch! Will Sweetberry be able to win the contest without a recipe?

suggested retail: $3.99

Ages: 3-6

  • Butterfly Hunt

suggested retail: $3.99

  • Holiday Talent Show

It’s holiday time in Ponyville! With help from her wonderful friends, Pinkie Pie plans a special holiday talent show. All the ponies show off their special talents to make this the best holiday celebration ever.

suggested retail: $3.99

  • Star Catcher’s Starlight Party

This book was made to be used with a toy called a Story Reader that reads books out loud if the book and a cartridge that came with the book are inserted into it.

Coloring Books

  • Jumbo Coloring and Activity Book

Kids will love to color and play with the ponies in this activity book. There's so much to do! Approximately 128 pages of coloring puzzles, mazes, dot-to-dot, and word finds in the alphabet maze. This activity book is sure to keep little girls busy for hours. Available wherever books are sold.

suggested retail: $2.99

G3 coloring activity pag rainbowdash fluttershy front.jpg

  • Dress-Up Day Three-in-One Coloring Book

An activity book that lets your MY LITTLE PONY Girl color, connect-the-dots and play the Pony Matching game. Available wherever books are sold.

suggested retail: $3.99

  • Rainy Day Coloring Book

This fun filled 32 page coloring and activity book is perfect for a rainy day.Available wherever books are sold.

suggested retail: $3.99

  • Colouring and Activity Pad

  • Three-in-One Book of Coloring & Activities

Enjoy hours of coloring and activity fun! This super-special book is packed with pictures of all your favorite ponies.

suggested retail: $2.99

  • 288 Page Coloring & Activity Book

Learning Books

  • Look and Find book

  • Write-on, Wipe-Off Activity Board: Learning Numbers

On the wipe clean surface, use the crayons to practice writing your numbers! Erase with a soft cloth and start over for hours of fun!Available wherever books are sold.

suggested retail: $6.99

  • Favorite Friends Storybook

It's a "Look and Find" book for toddlers. No reading required--just simple search and match activities. Perfect for fun and interactive learning.Available wherever books are sold

suggested retail: $9.99

  • Numbers and Counting Book

This book shows MY LITTLE PONY fans a fun way to learn numbers, and practice writing and counting skills. Available wherever books are sold.

suggested retail: $3.99

  • I Can Read!: A Secret Gift

The ponies are planning a very special surprise for a very special friend. Join them as they make their secret scrapbook—but do not tell Daisy Jo! Available wherever books are sold.

suggested retail: $3.99

Ages: 4-8

  • Phonics Fun, 12 book set

Learn to read with Phonics Fun! This My Little Pony book set contains 12 simple stories -- each story features a different pony! Available wherever books are sold. -hasbro.com

suggested retail: $12.99

  • My Wipe-Off Book

MY LITTLE PONY helps your children to read and write with this wipe-off book. Includes: 16 pages of activities, 3 Markers, 1 soft cotton wipe-off cloth, and a reusable plastic case.Available wherever books are sold.

suggested retail: $9.99

Sticker Books

  • Fun Days in Ponyville Story Book and Playset

Girls will love this playset which features their favorite ponies. The 120 reusable stickers and three play scenes will keep girls busy for hours while the storybook tells of special days in PONYVILLE.Available wherever books are sold.

suggested retail: $15.99

IMG 1124.JPG
  • Trick Or Treat, Friends Are Sweet! Reusable Sticker Book

  • Sticker Book with Pull Out Poster

24 pages of fun for your little girl. Activities include: coloring, stickers and much, much more.Available wherever books are sold.

suggested retail: $3.99

  • A Very Minty Christmas Reusable Sticker Book

suggested retail: $6.99

  • Pony Parade

Join the Ponies as they march in a beautiful parade. There are scenes to color and fun games to play. You can even decorate your favorite pony with the stickers found inside. Available wherever books are sold.

suggested retail: $3.99

  • The Runaway Rainbow: Reusable Sticker Book

Relive the excitement of THE RUNAWAY RAINBOW movie with this reusable sticker book, featuring background scenes from the film! Available wherever books are sold.

suggested retail: $6.99

Books sold with Toys

Princess Prom Book Wyst.JPG
  • The Princess Promenade: Storybook and Playset

PONYVILLE is full of excitement as the ponies prepare for the annual Promenade. This innovative storybook with playset lets girls read the charming story and place the included Wysteria Pony in every scene. The last page features a fold out play scene for even more imaginative fun. The WYSTERIA pony has brushable hair and includes a plastic comb, a playset like a crown and eight jewel stickers.

suggested retail: $15.99

Mini book front.JPG
Mini book inside.JPG
Mini book.JPG

Other Activity Books

G3 Magnetic create a scene (1).jpg
  • Magic Create-a-Scene

  • Activity Book, with paint and stamps

  • Activity Fun Purse

  • Play Pad

  • A Magic Wand Adventure: Welcome to Ponyville

Written by Andra Serlin, illustrated by Ivan and Inigo Join PINKIE PIE and friends on an adventure in PONYVILLE! When SPARKLEWORKS and SUNNY DAZE have trouble finding the new pony and her charm, PINKIE PIE comes to the rescue--with your help! Move the 5 colorful magnetic pieces with the special magic wand as you read the story!The only magnetic books on the market with an enclosed magnet compartment--the pieces can't get lost! 8" x 10-3/4" 12 pages

suggested retail: $12.95

  • How to Draw My Little Pony Drawing Book and Kit

Available at Barnes & Noble bookstores Book includes step-by-step instructions for drawing MY LITTLE PONY characters How to start drawing with basic shapes Coloring tips How to draw a scene Drawing ponies in action How to make your own storybook What to do with your drawings Kit contains all the materials needed to start drawing right away Includes book, 3 double-sided pencils, 8 fine line markers, stickers, drawing pencil, sharpener, eraser, and sketch pad.

suggested retail: $12.98

  • Surprize Ink! Color N Carry Activity Traveler

Available at Target, Borders, Barnes and Noble, Toys R Us and Michaels. The MY LITTLE PONY Color N Carry Activity Traveler includes lots of fun games and puzzles. Includes jumbo crayons or markers in a great carry case with a magnetic closure.

suggested retail: $5.99

  • Surprize Ink! Book and Marker

Available at Target, Borders, Barnes and Noble, Toys R Us and Michaels. Surprize Ink! book with invisible ink pen reveals images on game pages. Features Sunny Daze, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, Sparkleworks, Kimono, Minty, Wysteria and Sweetberry. Includes game book and marker.

suggested retail: $5.99

  • Draw with Ponies

Explore the wonderful world of PONYVILLE and learn to draw over a dozen shapes and objects with the magnetic pen. The magnetic drawing pad is erasable so it can be used again and again.Available wherever books are sold.

suggested retail: $9.99

  • Dreamy Songs Sing Along Book

Sing along with your Pony Friends! Press the buttons to see the star glow and listen to five sleepy time songs: All the Pretty Little PoniesHow lovely Is the EveningFeathers Float Round the RoomTwinkle, Twinkle, Little StarBeautiful DreamerAvailable wherever books are sold.

suggested retail: $12.99

  • Super Activity Tablet book 2

This soft cover book is filled with fun activities like puzzles, mazes, dot-to-dot, word finds in alphabet mazes, word un-scramblers, and even little crosswords, with lots of pages to color too!Available wherever books are sold.

suggested retail: $3.99

  • Princess Party Paint Book

Including six different color paints and a brush, this paint book allows little girls to paint their favorite scene from the MY LITTLE PONY Princess Party. Available wherever books are sold.

suggested retail: $3.99

  • Paint with Water and Sticker Book

  • Sing and Play: Follow the Lights (Piano Songbook)

This wonderful book has a working piano that plays 12 favorite children's songs with a MY LITTLE PONY Twist. Your child can play the songs by following the notes on the page, or you can set the piano to light up each key so fingers can follow along, or just sing along with the player piano feature.Available wherever books are sold.

suggested retail: $13.99

  • Pinkie Pie's Birthday Book and Story Puzzle

This book and puzzle set tells the story of a special birthday party in PONYVILLE. After reading the charming story, kids can put together the oversized puzzle of Celebration Castle. Available wherever books are sold.

suggested retail: $15.99

  • There is a sticker book for panini called "The Princess Promonade". The sticker packs feature Wysteria and a dragon in front of a pink castle on the front of the packet.

  • Rose Blossoms First Christmas

Festival Picture Reader
I Can Read!
  • Hide and Seek

This book has been published as both a Festival Picture Reader and an I can Read! book.

A game of hide-and-seek is the perfect pastime on a beautiful afternoon. But when Sparkleworks is nowhere to be found, the ponies decide to turn the tables and make her find them.

suggested retail: $3.99

Ages: 3-6

  • Fashion Fun

  • Numbers and Counting - Has daybreak in a sitting pose on the front

  • Diary

International Books

Swedish Books


  • ISBN 13:9879157020260

These books have a hard plastic pony strung on a rubber band in the spine of the book and can open up to make a scene with the figure.

  • En vän finns alltid vid din sida (Friends Are Never Far Away) - Skywishes
  • Prinsessan (The Princess Promenade) - Wysteria