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== Regular Scale ==
== Regular Scale ==
*[[Earth Pony Body (raised knee)]]
*[[Pegasus Pony Body]]
<gallery caption="" widths="100px" heights="100px" perrow="6">
<gallery caption="" widths="100px" heights="100px" perrow="6">

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In G4 Hasbro made the heads and bodies interchangeable rather than the bodies and heads making unique poses. With this Hasbro reached its' highest point of minimal number of poses. With generation 2 coming in second for least amount of poses.

Thusly the poses are broken up into the differing heads and bodies, and all ponies with either that body/head appear on that page. (Blind Bag ponies are solid, so this does not apply to them.)

Regular Scale

Baby Ponies

Fashion Style Poses

Blind Bag Poses

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