International Princess Sparkle

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G1 Princess Sparkle
MIB Princess Sparkle
MIB Princess Sparkle (German Packaging)

Pony Stats

  • Pose: Posey Pose (altered)
  • Body Colour: Glittery pink
  • Hair Colour: Purple with clear tinsel
  • Eye Colour: Purple and blue with purple eyeshadow
  • Symbol: She wears a pink cape with a blue and yellow crown symbol, a yellow fibre-optic crown and yellow molded bow around her neck


Box Details

Backcard Stories


Note: These stories are reproduced exactly as they appear on the ponies' backcards, including all errors.

UK Backcard Story

Wandering through the Royal Gardens, Princess Sparkle imagined running and playing with her friends. She looked into the fountain at her reflection only to see her beautiful maine and glowing tiara were dull, she felt lonely. Suddenly she heard laughing, turning around only to see Starlight, Clover, Patch, Melody, Sweetheart, Bon-Bon and Bright-Eyes come bounding into the garden led by the Queen. “I thought you’d like some company Sparkle, so I invited your friends over to play”, said the Queen. “Oh thank-you mummy”, cried Princess Sparkle. Just then her hair and tiara began to glow and sparkle, it shone brightly.

”Look at your beautiful hair”, cried Patch. ”Yippee!” laughed Princess Sparkle and they all ran off to play.


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