Little Pretty Hair Styling and Coloring Book

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Hair Styling and Coloring Book (Mail Order Only)

Hair Styling and Coloring Book Cover
Hair Styling and Coloring Book Title Page

The Hair Styling and Coloring Book seems to be only Mail Order item that was produced. It included multiple hair accessories that could be used on the Little Pretty figures or on your own hair. The accordion style book contained many fold-out pages of line-illustrations that could be colored and instructions on styling hair. The Mail Order offer was available until 12/31/90.[1]

The kitties and puppy figures on the cover look very similar to the drawings in the coloring book, especially the kitty on the lower left, but are not exact copies from any of the pages. The illustration of kitties and puppies on the title page is the same as the image seen on the backside of the packaging for the original set of Little Pretty figures.




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