Little Pretty Kitty Baby Tee Hee

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Baby Tee Hee

Baby Tee Hee (Babies)
Baby Tee Hee's Symbol
Baby Tee Hee's Underside
U.S.:Baby Tee Hee
International: Beauty
Large Accessory Names
English: Swing Set
French: Balançoire
German: Schaukel-Set
Italian: Altalena
Spanish: (Conjunto) Columpia

Baby Tee Hee is a white kitten with red hair. She came with a swing.

Baby Tee Hee Stats

  • Pose: Lying down
  • Body Colour: White
  • Hair Colour: Red with Tinsel in Bangs
  • Eye Colour: Blue
  • Symbol: Blue Bunny


Backcard Story

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  1. I have personally seen/found this through internet research. - Telelle

Catalog Appearances

Baby Tee Hee appeared in the 1991 Mattel Catalog (page 87).[1]

Baby Tee Hee in Mattel 1991 Catalog


  1. Mattel 1991 Girls Toys Catalog