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Pet Playhouse Playset

The Pet Playhouse was a playset that did not come with any pets.[1]

Alternative Colors: Small accessories come in two sheets of sprue injections molds - one pink accessory sheet & one purple accessory sheet but each sheet is not consistently the same color from one box set to the next. The vanity seat and bed also came in alternate colors. - See photos below for color comparison.[2]

Worth 2 Paw Points.

Note: The hair rollers sold in this set have been used in other Mattel toylines including Lady LovelyLocks (ex. Sea Magic Salon) and Barbie (ex. Styling Salon 1987).

Toy Variants

U.S. Pet Playhouse

Pet Playhouse's MIP
Pet Playhouse's Back
Pet Playhouse's Side


Pet Playhouse


Backcard Story

Note: These stories are reproduced exactly as they appear on the backcards, including all errors.

Everyday is fun at the Pet Playhouse! That's where Little Pretty kitties and puppies love to play games and be together. They comb & style each other's hair at the vanity, and when they get hungry, they have a cat snack or puppy treat. After a busy day of fun and play, it's time to rest up in their special pet bed for another exciting day tomorrow!

International Pet Playhouse

It is currently unknown if there is an international version of Pet Playhouse.

Media Appearances

Pet Playhouse appeared in the 1990 Mattel Catalog (page 95)[3], in the Mail Order Pamplet[4], the Mattel Girls Toys 1990 Repro Art Book[5], and Mattel 1990 Holiday Toy Guide[6].

Item number: 3591

Mattel 1990 Catalog Blurb

Little Pretty Pet Playhouse

NEW! The fun place for special puppies and kitties to play, snack, nap and get pretty! 3 themed areas give this pastel colored playhouse everything a kitty, puppy, or a loving little girl could want! There's a kitchen area complete with shuttered window, dining table, and food and water bowls. The vanity and styling area has "mirror" and a vanity seat that stores 10 hair styling accessories, including barrettes a child can wear! The bedroom area has shuttered "window" and a dreamy pet-size bed! Pets not included. For ages 3 years and over. Unassembled. Closed box.

Mail Order Pamphlet Blurb

Pet Playhouse

The Pet Playhouse is a beautiful place for the kitties and puppies to live, play, and get pretty! Lots of play pieces and 3 "rooms" of fun with shutters that really open! There's a bedroom, kitchen and beauty room! Plus lots of beautiful accessories!

Pet Playhouse 3591

Assembly Required.

Kitties and puppies not included.


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