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Image:RAMC1.jpg|Firefly and Medley
Image:RAMC1.jpg|Firefly and Medley
Image:RAMC2.jpg|Firefly and Medley sliding down rainbow
Image:RAMC2.jpg|Firefly and Medley sliding down rainbow
Image:RAMC3.JPG|MLP Logo
Image:RAMC3.jpg|MLP Logo
Image:RAMC4.JPG|Dream Valley
Image:RAMC4.jpg|Dream Valley
Image:RAMC5.JPG|Dream Castle
Image:RAMC5.jpg|Dream Castle
Image:RAMC8.JPG|Ember Jumping
Image:RAMC8.jpg|Ember Jumping
Image:RAMC10.JPG|Ember Laughing
Image:RAMC10.jpg|Ember Laughing
Image:RAMC11.JPG|Bow Tie and Moondancer
Image:RAMC11.jpg|Bow Tie and Moondancer
Image:RAMC12.JPG|Bow Tie
Image:RAMC12.jpg|Bow Tie
Image:RAMC14.JPG|Twilight and Ember
Image:RAMC14.jpg|Twilight and Ember
Image:RAMC15.JPG|Ember Jumping
Image:RAMC15.jpg|Ember Jumping
Image:RAMC16.JPG|Firefly Catching Ember
Image:RAMC16.jpg|Firefly Catching Ember
Image:RAMC17.JPG|Twilight Wishing
Image:RAMC17.jpg|Twilight Wishing
Image:RAMC18.JPG|Twilight Wishing
Image:RAMC18.jpg|Twilight Wishing
Image:RAMC19.JPG|Twilight Wishing
Image:RAMC19.jpg|Twilight Wishing
Image:RAMC20.JPG|Firefly, Medley and Ember
Image:RAMC20.jpg|Firefly, Medley and Ember

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The very first MLP cartoon originally aired on television in 1984, under the simple name of "My Little Pony", presumably due to Hasbro not planning upon MLP making future TV appearances. In 1986, it aired as part of the My Little Pony and Friends TV series, this time under the name of "Rescue at Midnight Castle" but a scene including the 'Little Piece of Rainbow' song had been edited out. Finally, the special was released as "Firefly's Adventure" along with a special edition of Firefly.

It was also released on VHS tape in the UK as "My Little Pony in Dreamland".


The ponies are enjoying a quiet day in Ponyland, picking apples, rollerskating and generally frolicking in the meadows. Later, as most of them are resting by the lake, the peace is disturbed by a sudden thunderstorm. The ponies run for Dream Castle, but a swarm of dragons appear from the clouds. A strange creature, known as Scorpan, is riding upon one of their backs, ordering them to 'sieze the ponies'. They capture Cotton Candy and Moondancer before retreating, Scorpan declaring that all of the ponies are doomed as soon they will belong to "Tirrac, the Master of Midnight Castle". Most of the ponies are now cowering in Dream Castle, but Firefly decides to fly off to look for help, much to the horror of her friends who call for her to come back as it's too dangerous.

Next we are taken to 'Midnight Castle', a terrifying place surrounded by a raging river. Scorpan is seen locking Cotton Candy and Moondancer in a dark and dreary dungeon before setting off down a long passageway. His pet dragon, named Spike, runs after Scorpan, begging to come with him but Scorpan refuses. We are taken to a giant throne room, where we see the mysterious Tirrac's hand, stroking a pulsating bag and talking to it lovingly. Scorpan enters the throne room and informs Tirrac that he has captured two of the little ponies. Tirrac orders Scorpan to kneel before his throne, before reprimanding him on not capturing all four ponies that he needs "to pull his chariot of midnight". Spike runs into the room, defending his master and saying how hard Scorpan tried. Tirrac calls for silence, and Scorpan holds his hand over Spike's mouth. Tirrac then orders Scorpan to prepare another raid on Ponyland and Scorpan reluctantly agrees, carrying Spike away in his arms. The camera moves to show Tirrac's hoof, but we don't get to see his face.

Meanwhile, over the rainbow, a little girl is standing in a stable talking to her pony, TJ. They hear a splash and the girl rushes to see what has fallen into the wishing well outside the stables. She winds up the bucket, and sees Firefly looking up at her. The girl is stunned at the sight of a talking pony, and Firefly informs her that she can also fly. They introduce themselves and we find out that the girl's name is Megan. Firefly asks Megan to 'hop on' which she does. Firefly then tells Megan that she is going back to Ponyland with her to help her friends. Megan protests that she can't do anything to help, but Firefly is sure Megan is the answer to all their prayers, and eventually convinces the girl that maybe she will be able to help the little ponies.

The little ponies are excited to see Firefly back safely and to meet Megan. But before they are even able to explain their situation, Scorpan and the dragons return. One of them catches Megan, so Firefly loops around the dragon and makes him drop her. Firefly cannot fly fast enough to catch her though, and amazingly, Scorpan saves her from the fall. He orders Megan to "Leave this land - this battle is not yours." As the dragons retreat once more, this time with Bubbles and Ember, Megan shouts at Scorpan angrily - Firefly is proud of her and tells her again how brave she is.

We are taken back to Midnight Castle, where the four ponies have been chained in the throne room. Spike bounds up the passageway to watch fearfully from the door. The ponies are pleading for mercy and Tirrac once again calls for silence, then tells his guards to take Ember away as she is too small to pull his chariot. Tirrac steps forward from the shadows, finally revealing his face. The pulsating bag we saw earlier is now hanging around his neck. He opens it, revealing the 'Power of Darkness' within. A black mist surrounds the ponies and they are turned into dragons. Ember asks what happened to her friends, and Tirrac tells her that they now belong to him, before ordering Scorpan to catch a fourth pony by midnight or Spike will pay.

Meanwhile, Megan and four of the ponies have gone in search of help. They are crossing a rickety old bridge across a river when Applejack falls in. Megan dives in after her to save her but they become trapped inside a clam shell. Fortunately, help is at hand as the Sea Ponies appear and help them back to shore. While Firefly, Twilight and Bow Tie greet their friends with relief, the Sea Ponies give Megan a shell to throw into the water as a signal any time she needs help from them again.

They continue down the path to the mysterious Mushromp where the Moochick lives. The Moochick is a kindly old wizard, but a bit forgetful. He already knows about Tirrac and says that he has a piece of "Rainbow of Light" which could save them all, but he cannot find it. He and the ponies look everywhere to no avail, but thankfully the Moochick's pet bunny, Habbit, has had it all along and hands it to him. The magical piece of rainbow turns out to be contained within a tiny locket, and none of the ponies can see how it will help. Megan thanks him anyway, before she and the ponies head off to Midnight Castle.

Upon seeing the raging river surrounding the castle, the ponies are just about ready to give up, but Megan remembers the signal shell in her pocket. The Sea Ponies appear and tow the ponies across the river on a makeshift raft. They find a way into the castle but, unbeknownst to them, a guard watches them enter...

Scorpan is once again kneeling before Tirrac's throne, apologising for not being able to capture a fourth pony. Tirrac tells him to try again. Just then, the guard comes in and whispers something to Tirrac, presumably about the ponies entering the castle. He turns back to Scorpan, only to find that Scorpan has left. Spike and Ember have been locked in the dungeon together, and Scorpan goes to get them out before the midnight madness ensues. Ember is scared, but Spike re-assures her, reminding her that Scorpan is his friend.

Megan and the ponies are creeping around the passageways in the castle looking for the Rainbow Power of Darkness with no luck. Eventually, they find Tirrac's throne room, and notice that Applejack has disappeared. Suddenly, the doors slam closed behind them and the guards bar their exit. Tirrac announces that he has the Rainbow of Darkness as well as their friend. The guards step back to reveal Applejack chained in front of Tirrac's throne. He releases the 'Power of Darkness' once more. Bow Tie tries to run to her friend's aid but the guards block her path and Applejack is turned into a dragon. Scorpan bursts into the room with Spike and Ember, telling the remaining ponies to run. Spike cheers him on as he battles the guards. Tirrac orders his guards to 'sieze them!' but Scorpan picks up Megan and he and the ponies make a run for it.

Outside, the ground is trembling. Scorpan tells everyone to get back inside, but it's too late. Tirrac's Chariot of Midnight comes bursting through the wall of Midnight Castle as he chants, "The Rainbow of Darkness that darkness sends, Now begin the night that never ends!" Scorpan flies up to try to sieze the Rainbow, but Tirrac sends him flying to the ground where Scorpan declares that all is lost. The ponies won't give up though and try various tricks and actually manage to get the Rainbow away from Tirrac. Firefly tries to take it back to Dream Castle, but flies into a dragon and drops the bag back into Tirrac's hands.

They're just about to give up when Megan remembers the Rainbow of Light and releases it from the locket. It is tiny in comparison to the Rainbow of Darkness. Tirrac simply laughs and releases his rainbow which soon consumes the ponies' rainbow. It seems that all hope really is lost... but then the rainbow fights back! Soon, the black Rainbow of Darkness takes on proper rainbow colours which swirl around everybody, destroying Tirrac and turning the ponies and everything else back to normal.

Back in Ponyland, we discover that Scorpan was really a prince who Tirrac turned into Scorpan when he took over his kingdom. Spike, however, remains the same as he has always been a baby dragon. The story ends with a butterly landing on Ember's nose, causing her to sneeze and jump back into the little stream, splashing everyone.



  • My Little Pony Theme

My Little Pony, My Little Pony,

Isn't the world a lovely place?

My Little Pony, My Little Pony,

Everywhere you go a smiling face!

Smiling and skipping, merrily tripping,

Watching the morning unfold,

My Little Pony, My Little Pony,

What does the future hold?

Jolly and pleasant, just for the present,

No sign of trouble in sight!

My Little Pony, My Little Pony,

May all your days be bright!

May all your days be bright!

  • Dancing on Air

Firefly: Pony feathers!

They'll be dancing on air when they meet you,

Dancing on air with glee!

Megan: I doubt they'll be celebrating,

When they see it's only me.

Firefly: They'll do cartwheels in air when they meet you,

Their hopes will start to rise!

Megan: From what they're anticipating,

They're in for a big surprise!

Firefly: They'll be floating, lighter than a cloud!

Megan: They'll be floating, laughing right out loud!

Firefly: The sight of you will send spirits flying,

Megan: One or two may burst out crying!

Firefly: Why can't you believe you're gonna be great?

Megan: But Firefly...

Firefly: Trust me!

Megan, you're a dream come true,

That my friends will think so too,

You're the answer to our every prayer!

Megan: Time will tell if I'll come through,

But just imagine if I do!

Firefly: They'll be dancing...

Megan: Prancing...

Firefly/Megan: Dancing on air!

  • Call Upon The Sea Ponies

Sea Ponies: Shoo-bee-doo, Shoo-Shoo-bee-doo!

Call upon the Sea Ponies when you're in distress,

Helpful-as-can-be ponies, Simply signal "SOS"!

If you find you're cast adrift, and haven't got an oar - oh!

Count upon the Sea Ponies, they'll see you to shore!

Shoo-bee-doo, Shoo-Shoo-bee-doo!

Seawinkle: Are you sinking fast?

Wavedancer: Had some nasty shocks?

Sealight: Feeling like all hope is gone, and washed up on the rocks?

Sea Ponies: Washed up on the rocks!

Shoo-bee-doo, Shoo-Shoo-bee-doo!

Call upon the Sea Ponies when you're in distress,

Helpful-as-can-be ponies, Simply signal "SOS"!

If your rudder runs aground, or seaweed holds a grip - Kelp!

Count upon the Sea Ponies - they'll see you get help!

Sea Ponies, Sea Ponies,

Simply signal SOS, signal SOS!

Sea Ponies, Sea Ponies,

Simply signal SOS, signal SOS!

Oh, yes!

  • Little Piece of Rainbow

The Moochick It's got to be around here somewhere!

Somewhere there's a little piece of rainbow,

I save it for a rainy day!

It's either underneath the rug, or in the cupboard - ugh, a bug!

But have no fear, I'll find it right away!

Wait until you see this piece of rainbow,

It's brighter than a peacock's plume!

It's ocean blue and sunrise pink,

I left it by the sink, I think...

Or was it in the closet with the broom?

Perhaps we ought to try the other room.

That piece of rainbow must be hiding someplace,

Search every nook and cranny, high and low!

Megan: You'd think that with a rainbow, there'd be some trace!

Twilight: But not a gleam!

Bow Tie: Not a glimmer!

Firefly: Not a glow!

Moochick: Oh, where'd I put that little piece of rainbow?

I ran across it just last week!

It might be in the flower pot!

My goodness gracious, no, it's not.

That piece of rainbow's playing hide and seek!

I'm sorry but it seems...

I'm sorry but it seems we're up the creek!

Megan: You're not giving up, are you?

Moochick: Might as well, looked everywhere, absolutely no place else it could have...

Wait a moment!

Beg your pardon!

Silly me, come and see, it's in the garden!

This is where I put that piece of rainbow,

It's buried here beneath the ground.

I left it in the flower bed,

It's how I am - I plan ahead!

I knew that here I'd find it safe and sound.

A lesson for you all...

When hope seems past recall...

A piece of rainbow always can be found!

  • Closing Credits

My Little Pony, My Little Pony,

Isn't it time we started home?

My Little Pony, My Little Pony,

Who ever dreamed how far we'd roam?

Crickets are calling, evening is falling,

Over the meadow and glen,

My Little Pony, My Little Pony,

When will I see you again?

Cast and Crew

Supervising Director:

  • John Gibbs


  • Gerri Chiniquy
  • Milt Gray
  • Tom Ray
  • Nelson Shin

Animation Supervisor

  • John Ahern

With the Vocal Talents of:

  • Sandy Duncan (Firefly)
  • Tony Randall (Moochick)
  • Charlie Adler (Spike)
  • Tammy Amerson (Megan)
  • Fran Brill
  • Victor Carole
  • Laura Dean (Twilight, Cotton Candy)
  • Carol Goodheart
  • Lani Groves
  • Yolanda Brica Lee Lewis
  • Lyn Lipton
  • Ullanda McCullough
  • Gerrianne Raphael
  • Ron Taylor

Storyboard Directors:

  • Bob Kline
  • Lonnie Lloyd
  • Don Sheppard
  • Wendell Washer

Model Design:

  • Takashi
  • George Goode
  • Jerry Eisenberg

Background Design:

  • Martin Strudler
  • Dennis Venizelos

Supervising Editor:

  • Robert T. Gillis

Music Editor:

  • Joe Siracusa

Sound Effects Editors:

  • Richard Gannon
  • Ron Fedele

Creative Consultant:

  • Jay Bacal

Casting by

  • Reuben Cannon and Associates

Music Score Composed and Conducted by

  • Johnny Douglas

"My Little Pony" theme by

  • Ford Kinder and
  • Spencer Michlin

Songs recorded at


Distributed by

  • Claster TV Productions

A division of Hasbro Industries

Executive in Charge of Production:

  • Lee Gunther

Written by

  • George Arthur Bloom

Songs composed by

  • Tommy Goodman

Lyrics by

  • Barry Harman

Produced by

  • Bob Richardson and
  • Karl Geurs

Executive Producers:

  • Joe Bacal
  • David H. DePatie
  • Tom Griffin