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'''My Pretty Parlour'''
#REDIRECT [[Ivy#My Pretty Parlor with Ivy]]
[[Image:.JPG|thumb|[[G2 Playsets|G2]] Pretty Parlour]]
<gallery caption="Pretty Parlour Accessories" widths="150px" heights="150px" perrow="3">
File:Ivy's parlour basket.JPG|[[G2 Baskets|Hot pink basket]]
File:.jpg|[[G2 Combs/Brushes|Brush that can apply flowers to the hair]]
File:.jpg|[[G2 Furniture/Accessories|Mushroom Shaped Hair dryer]]
File:.jpg|[[G2 Furniture/Accessories|Coloured Bottles]]
File:.jpg|[[G2 Furniture/Accessories|Coloured Bottles]]
File:.jpg|[[G2 Hair clips|Purple Ribbon]]
File:.jpg|[[G2 Hair clips|Pink Ribbon]]
File:.jpg|[[G2 Furniture/Accessories|Yellow Scissors]]
File:.jpg|[[G2 Combs/Brushes|Yellow Comb]]
'''My Pretty Parlour Story'''
*Ivy is the glamor girl. She loves to talk about the latest fashions. She creates magical hairstyles for herself and is always showing off her new hairdos to everyone she meets!
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