Night Shade

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Night Shade/Knight Shade/Knightshade and the Shadowettes

Night Shade in Bright Lights
Night Shade and the Shadowettes in Bright Lights
Night Shade's mother in Bright Lights

Night Shade first appeared in the episode Bright Lights. Night Shade is a rockstar and singer who was lured by the promise of stardom by Arabus and Zeb, who convinced him to steal the shadows from his audiences, albeit unknowingly. Realizing his mistake and in fear of losing his own shadow, he continued to take shadows, with the most striking being his own hometown of Bright Valley, including his Mother. After their shadows were stolen, the city was turned into Grayvale. Luckily, Night Shade was able to redeem himself and help the ponies defeat Arabus and Zeb.

Night Shade's band was "Night Shade and the Shadowettes".

Name discrepancy

There is a poster at the beginning of the show that reads "Night Shade and the Shadowettes", but the name on his trailer door is "Knight Shade". Further still, the back of the video says Knightshade with no spaces.

Night Shade and the Shadowettes sign
Erroneous "Knight Shade" sign