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[[Image: moc-nightshine.jpg|thumb|MOC Nightshine]]
#REDIRECT [[Nightshine]]
These ponies had special accessories and hair streaks that glowed in the dark and/or bead machines that placed beads into a ponies hair
====Pony Stats====
*'''Body Colour:''' Yellow
*'''Hair Colour:''' White and gold
*'''Eye Colour:''' Pale blue
*'''Symbol:'''  Pink beach ball
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=== Backcard Stories ===
Join Nightshine in her sweetest world! You can wear her colourful hairpins and you will be forever friends! Look at Nightshine's mane and her hairpins in the dark: they really glow in the dark!
=== Media Appearances ===
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== See also ==
Ponies released in this set are:
*[[Blue Pearl]]
*[[White Pearl]]
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[[Category: G2 Adult Ponies]]
[[Category: G2 Earth Ponies]]

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