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(I've been wanting to add an overview of pony types for a while. I don't think I missed much but feel free to fix things if I did.)
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File:Wavedancer.jpg|Wavedancer was one of the first seaponies released in G1
File:Wavedancer.jpg|Wavedancer was one of the first seaponies released in G1
File:Rosedust.jpg|Rosedust was a G1 Flutter Pony, and in media, was their queen.
File:Rosedust.jpg|Rosedust was a G1 Flutter Pony, and in media, was their queen.
File:PinkPetals.jpg|Pink Petals was Breeze released in G3.
File:PinkPetals.jpg|Pink Petals was a Breezie released in G3.
File:PrincessCadance.jpg|Cadance is an Alicorn, first seen in G4
File:PrincessCadance.jpg|Cadance is an Alicorn, first seen in G4

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Pony Races form a major classification method for My Little Pony Toys. Throughout the toyline's history, various types of ponies have been introudced, and serve as a visual identifier for the pony. Three major races exist: Earth Ponies, Unicorns, and Pegasi. These three were introduced in Generation 1 and have appeared in some fashion in each generation since. Many Generations also introduced other types, which were usually limited in release to that Generation.

Major Races

Earth Ponies

Earth Ponies were first introduced in 1982, and were the first race of ponies to be introduced. They are the closest in appearance to real ponies, but are more colorful in appearance. In most appearances, Earth Ponies possess no special powers, though they may have hobbies or activities at which they excel. However, Generation 4 media states that Earth Ponies are more physically capable and are better at tending crops.

While Earth Ponies make up a significant chunk of all Generations, Generation 2 is especially noteworthy in that the vast majority of ponies are Earth Ponies.

Unicorn Ponies

Unicorn Ponies were introduced in 1983 as part of Generation 1. They are marked by a single horn that protrudes from their forehead. In media, they are capable of performing magic, though the exact capabilities differ by Generation. Unicorns appear in higher numbers in G1 and G4, but in lesser amounts in G3 and G2.

In G1, all unicorns could teleport though open spaces. Each unicorn also had an individual power unique to them. For example, Fizzy could create bubbles, while Gusty could conjure wind. G3 Unicorns could also perform magic to some degree, though the exact specifics were never elaborated. G4 Unicorns can perform magic that is related to their unique talents, as specified by their cutie marks.

Pegasus Ponies

Pegasus Ponies were introduced in 1983 as part of Generation 1 and are marked by their feathered wings. Pegasus ponies, sometimes referred to as Pegasi, appear in larger numbers in G1 and G4, in slightly lower numbers in G3 but are extremely rare in G2.

In media, Pegasi are universally marked by their ability to fly. G4 expands on this by giving Pegasi the ability to walk on clouds and manipulate weather.

Minor Races

Introduced in Generation 1

Sea Ponies

Sea Ponies, as the name implies are based off of seahorses and as toys, are seen solely in G1, First released in 1983, they were designed as bath toys and came in both adult and baby forms.

In media, sea ponies lived in the waters around Ponyland, and were known for their singing abilities.

Flutter Ponies

Flutter Ponies were introduced in Generation 1 in 1985. They are similar to Pegasi but are more slender and have Butterfly-like wings. In toys, these wings were fairly fragile.

In related media, Flutter Ponies had a powerful ability called Utter Flutter, which was capable of a variety of effects.

Introduced in Generation 3


Breezies are small fairy-like ponies. They are smaller than regular ponies and have insect-like wings and antennae. In G3, Breezies were released in sets or alongside regular ponies.

Breezies reappeared in G4, with a slight redesign. They became much smaller than the G3 breezies, and were fully molded rather than brushable.

Introduced in Generation 4


Alicorns are differentiated by having both wings and a unicorn horn. As a race, they were not officially named until Season 3 of the G4 show My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Alicorn ponies tend to be very limited, with only four characters appearing regularly. There are two unique molds, a larger one used for Princess Celestia, and a smaller one shared by Princess Luna, Princess Cadance and Twilight Sparkle.

In related media, Alicorns are shown to possess traits of all three of the main pony races: strength, flight, and magic.

Crystal Ponies

Crystal Ponies are exclusive to the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic tv show. Appearing similar to Earth Ponies, Crystal Ponies have gradient colored manes, and prismatic "crystally" coats. While they have no individual magic abilities, as a whole, they are able to power their home's Crystal Heart, a powerful magical artifact.