Star Gleamer

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Star Gleamer
G1 Star Gleamer's Symbol

Pony Stats

Backcard Stories

Note: These stories are reproduced exactly as they appear on the ponies' backcards, including all errors.

US Backcard Story

Star Gleamer's US Backcard

One night, Star Gleamer floated through the sky on a fluffy cloud, admiring the twinkling stars above her head. She brushed her long, sparkling haie as the cool wind gently tossed her lovely tresses. "Your hair is so beautiful!" a star exclaimed, sprinkling stardust on Star Gleamer's forehead. The delighted pony shook her head, and the stardust became a golden headband with a glittering jewel in the center! "Now you twinkle just like me!" laughed the star, wrapping a beam of starlight around the happy pony.

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