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Twilight Sparkle seen in the TV show, with Pinkie Pie

Twilight Sparkle is a G4 Unicorn Pony and one of the main characters in My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. As one of the main characters, Twilight Sparkle has been released in toy form multiple times.

After the Season 3 finale, "Magical Mystery Cure", Twilight Sparkle was redesigned as an an Alicorn. In merchandise released after this change, she is uniformly referred to as Princess Twilight Sparkle. Besides her original unicorn mold, her Alicorn redesign initially featured a taller mold used for Princess Luna and Princess Cadance. However, merchandise for Season 5 of the series seems to have changed to a mold consisting of a Unicorn head and a basic Pegasus, which had been used for toys of Luna released prior to Cadance's debut.


Media Appearances

Unicorn Twilight Sparkle (Seasons 1-3
Alicorn Twilight Sparkle (Season 4+

Animated Pony Stats

  • Body Colour: Light purple
  • Hair Colour: Dark indigo, pink and purple
  • Eye Colour: Purple
  • Symbol: Pink star with five white stars surrounding it

Twilight Sparkle is one of the main characters in the show, first appearing in the pilot "The Elements of Harmony". She is the personal student of Princess Celestia, who took her as a student after Twilight spontaneously displayed her immense magical potential. Though Twilight was devoted to her studies to the point of eschewing friends, she would change her views after defeating Nightmare Moon, when her newly discovered friendships proved instrumental in Nightmare Moon's defeat. Celestia would task her with studying the magic of friendship in Ponyville. Twilight has an older brother, Shining Armor, who appears in Season 2 when he marries Princess Cadance, Twilight's former foal-sitter.

While most Unicorns in the show have a limited amount of magic relating to their talent, Twilight Sparkle's talent is magic itself. Thus, Twilight Sparkle is capable of performing a much wider range of magic as compared to other unicorns. However, her spells sometimes backfired. In the episode "Magical Mystery Cure", Twilight is able to create her own unique magic spell, which results in Twilight gaining wings and becoming an Alicorn princess alongside Celestia, Luna, and Cadance. In Season 4, she officially gains her own title as the Princess of Friendship.

Twilight Sparkle's speaking voice is provided by Tara Strong and her singing voice is provided by Rebecca Shoichet.


Year One (2010)

Friendship Is Magic Boxed Set

Gift Set Twilight Sparkle
Boxed Set

Twilight Sparkle first appeared in a boxed set with Princess Celestia, Spike the Dragon, Pinkie Pie and Applejack. These characters had molded hair.

Backcard Story:

Join PRINCESS CELESTIA, along with TWILIGHT SPARKLE, SPIKE THE DRAGON, APPLEJACK and PINKIE PIE as they discover the magic of friendship together!

Playful Pony Twilight Sparkle


Pony Stats

  • Pose: Twilight Sparkle Pose
  • Body Colour: Purple
  • Hair Colour: Pink and Purple
  • Eye Colour: Pink
  • Symbol: Pink star with white stars surrounding it

US Backcard Story

European Backcard

/!\WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD-Small parts. Not For Children Under 3 Years. TWILIGHT SPARKLE is a smart and talented unicorn. She likes to spend time with her friends in PONYVILLE and learn new kinds of magic! Good friends always stick together — just like your TWILIGHT SPARKLE pony figure and her adorable owl figure. Put the saddle on your pony figure and her little friend can ride on it everywhere they go! Keep your TWILIGHT SPARKLE figure’s pretty pink and purple hair smooth with the brush, so she looks great no matter where her adventures take her. Pony figure comes with brush, owl figure and saddle. Ages 3 and up.

suggested US retail price: $4.99

Twilight Sparkle's Twinkling Balloon


Pony Stats

  • Pose: Twilight Sparkle Pose
  • Body Colour: Purple
  • Hair Colour: Pink and Purple
  • Eye Colour: Pink
  • Symbol: Pink with White stars surrounding it


US Backcard Story

Electronic My Little Pony Twilight Sparkle's hot air balloon vehicle lights up and plays music for your figures to enjoy as they 'ride' in it! Balloon vehicle glows in night-light mode. Balloon vehicle comes with TWILIGHT SPARKLE pony figure, SPIKE THE DRAGON figure and a 'telescope.' TWILIGHT SPARKLE tries to find the answer to every question! Whether studying a book or spending time with friends, she always learns something new! Take your friends for a starlight 'ride' with this TWILIGHT SPARKLES TWINKLING BALLOON vehicle! Put your TWILIGHT SPARKLE pony figure and her SPIKE THE DRAGON friend figure inside the basket of this electronic balloon vehicle and then turn it on so it lights up and plays music as they 'fly'! Your SPIKE THE DRAGON figure can sit perched on the edge of the basket or even on top of the balloon to keep watch with the 'telescope.' When youve 'landed' the balloon vehicle, switch it to night-light mode so it will gently glow in your bedroom as you drift off to dreamland. Balloon vehicle comes with TWILIGHT SPARKLE pony figure, SPIKE THE DRAGON figure and a 'telescope.'

suggested retail: $19.99

Playsets released in 2010 are:

Year Two (2011)

Twilight Sparkle Figurine

G4 Twilight Sparkle figurine (stock photo)


MIB US figurine four-pack

Single on Card

G4 Twilight Sparkle figurine
G4 Twilight Sparkle figurine MOC
G4 Twilight Sparkle Backcard

Availability: US, Canada, and UK

TWILIGHT SPARKLE tries to find the answer to every question! Whether studying a book or spending time with friends, she always learns something new!

This little pony figure is ready to play! Poised and pretty, your TWILIGHT SPARKLE pony figure has such a cheerful face because she loves to spend time with you. Act out fanciful stories about pony pals or just take her with you as you go about your day — she’s always happy to come along!

Ages 3 and up.

suggested US retail: $1.99

Ponies released in this set are:

Puzzle House

(Pinkie Pie version)

Available mostly in Germany/German and very rare in the US(?).

  • 2011
  • Includes pony figure (Twilight, Pinkie Pie or Fluttershy)
  • Includes a 24 piece, double-sided puzzle featuring character on one side and garden floor on other for play.
  • Box unfolds to create miniature house

Toys 'R Us Exclusive Box Set


The Toys 'R Us Exclusive 12-pack contains the mane six and six new G4 characters (different from Euro blind wave II), that are all G3 up-cycles.

  • released 2011
  • US exclusive?

Blind Bag Twilight Sparkle

Collector Cards

McDonalds Happy Meal 2011


Brazil/Mexico McDonalds Happy Meal

Fashion Style Twilight Sparkle

Fashion Style Twilight Sparkle
Fashion Style Twilight Sparkle
Fashion Style Twilight Sparkle Stock photo

Fashion Style Twilight Sparkle came with two regular star and two shooting star barrettes which could come in various colors.

US Backcard Story

US Backcard

TWILIGHT SPARKLE tries to find the answer to every question! Whether studying a book or spending time with friends, she always learns something new!

TWILIGHT SPARKLE looks like a star when she dresses up in her shimmery cape -- and she has all the accessories to match!

European Backcard Story

Packaging Backcard (Euro Version)

Twilight Sparkle looks like a star in her shimmery cape!

Riding Along Twilight Sparkle

Riding Along Twilight Sparkle
Riding Along Twilight Sparkle MIB
Riding Along Twilight Sparkle (stock photo)

Celebration at Canterlot Castle

without accessories
with light activated
Stock photo
Stock photo
Stock photo

The playset (Exclusive to Target (US) and Tesco Direct (UK)) comes with Starbeam Twinkle and Shine Bright Twilight Sparkle.

With the CELEBRATION AT CANTERLOT CASTLE playset, you can style your TWILIGHT SPARKLE and STARBEAM TWINKLE pony figures’ hair and set up tea parties! Set out the ""cake"" and tea things and have a party with your ponies. Includes 2 pony figures, cake on pedestal, cake slice, layer cake, tea cart, tea pot, sugar bowl, creamer, tea tray, 2 tea cups and saucers, table with balloon, punch bowl, ladle, 2 cups, present, wand, 2 tiaras, comb, 4 barrettes, chest and dresser with mirror. Includes 2 button-cell batteries.


Royal Ball at Canterlot Castle

Stock photo

"Backcard Story"

Back of box

CANTERLOT is the royal city in Equestria and home to Princess Celestia. The princess lives in a magical castle. Every pony dreams of visiting CANTERLOT!

Royal Castle Friends

Stock photo
Stock photo

Comes with Twilight Sparkle, Spike, and Princess Celestia.

"Backcard Story"


PRINCESS CELESTIA invites TWILIGHT SPARKLE and SPIKE THE DRAGON to the royal castle to give them an important job to do! Their missionis to learn all about the magic of friendship with the ponies of PONYVILLE!

Year Three (2012)

McDonalds Happy Meal


Traveling Twilight Sparkle

This is the figure with a suitcase and pet. On the hasbro website, it has one pictured with a DVD.

Luggage Twilight Sparkle Complete.jpg
Back of box

Wedding Invitation Twilight Sparkle


TWILIGHT SPARKLE is invited to the royal wedding! It’s going to be an amazing day and she needs you to help her to look her very best. Set up her invitation and flower bouquet where she can look at them while you style her flowing mane and tail! When the special day finally arrives, you’ll have the prettiest pony wedding guest!

Bridle Friend Twilight Sparkle

stock photo
stock phoo

It's time to celebrate the royal wedding of PRINCESS CADANCE and SHINING ARMOR! TWILIGHT SPARKLE promises to make the wedding even more magical with the help of a few spells! No one brings more excitement to a happy event than your TWILIGHT SPARKLE figure! She can't wait to celebrate with you. Help her into her fancy outfit and arrange her hair just right. There's a magical adventure in store for you, and your TWILIGHT SPARKLE pony is the perfect friend to share it. Wedding pony figure comes with accessories. Ages 3 and up.

Twilight Sparkle RC Car


Beep! Beep! It's almost time for the royal wedding of PRINCESS CADANCE and SHINING ARMOR, and your TWILIGHT SPARKLE pony figure has a special wedding vehicle to drive! The special decorations and bright colors make it a stylish ride, and you decide which way the vehicle goes with the remote control. Does she need to pick up flowers or a cake for the wedding? Send her out "on the road," but don't forget she can pick up another pony or other friends (sold separately) for company! You'll love "driving" this beautiful wedding TWILIGHT SPARKLE RC CAR vehicle! Car moves forward and spins! Remote-controlled action! Press the button with the straight arrow to move it forward. Press the button with the curved arrow to turn it. 2 ponies and animal friends can ride in the vehicle! Vehicle comes with pony figure, remote control and instructions. Remote control requires 2 "AA" batteries (demo batteries included). Vehicle requires 3 "AA" batteries (not included). Ages 3 and up.

Year Four (2013)

Crystal Empire Single Twilight Sparkle

MOC with Euro exclusive Ploomette

Crystal Motion Twilight Sparkle

stock photo
stock photo

Twilight Sparkle twirls her tail and waves her unicorn horn when she uses magic! With a unicorn horn and a head and tail that really move, this Twilight Sparkle figure is beautiful and "magical"! She comes with a beautiful crystal-sparkle owl friend. You'll have the best adventures ever with your tail-twirling Twilight Sparkle pony figure and owl pet! Twilight Sparkle pony figure's head and tail move! Unicorn horn! Pony figure comes with a crystal-sparkle owl friend. Includes pony figure and owl.

Crystal Princess Palace Twilight Sparkle

100 6005.JPG

Princess Twilight Sparkle and Rainbow Dash

"PRINCESS TWILIGHT SPARKLE and RAINBOW DASH can't wait to go flying together during the big celebration."

Princess Twilight Sparkle

Twilight Sparkle appeared as part of a two pack with Rainbow Dash as part of the Crystal Empire line. The set featured a new mold (shared with Luna and Cadance) for Twilight reflecting her redesign as an Alicorn, and included a comb, Twilight's crown, two barrettes, and a ring.

Crystal Empire Fashion Style Princess Twilight Sparkle

stock photo

A Fashion Style Pony reflecting Twilight's Alicorn design. She had a dress, comb, and three different purses, which could be decorated using included gems.

Through the Mirror Princess Twilight Sparkle


Found exclusively at Walmart, this version had glittery eyeshadow and gradient wings and hooves. She came with an attachable skirt, a crown, and a molded figure of Spike.

Through the Mirror Fashion Style Princess Twilight Sparkle


Exclusive to Walmart, this version was a Fashion-Style sized toy. She had a painted on top and came with two skirts. One skirt was made of fabric and matched a pattern on her leg; the other could be decorated using an included marker and glitter pen.

Princess Twilight Sparkle


The Princess Twilight Sparkle toy came with a comb, four barrettes and a crown. When her cutie mark was pressed, Twilight could talk, sing, move her head and blink. Also, her horn and wings could light up. Twilight stands much larger than other Pony toys, approximately 1.25 feet.

Collectible Twilight Sparkle


This version of Twilight was presented as a limited edition adult collectible featured at SDCC 2013. She had Swarovski crystals on her wings. Her forehead, chest, hooves, and, cutie mark, and horn were decorated with glitter. She also game with a glittery crown.

Year Five (2014)

Rainbow Power Twilight Sparkle


Rainbow Power Twilight featured a different mold compared to other Alicorn Twilight toys, consisting of a unicorn head on a standard pegasus body. Twilight had multicolored tinsel in her hair and came with a comb.

Rainbow Power Styling Twilight Sparkle

100 6187.JPG

Fantastic Flutters Twilight Sparkle


Fanatasic Flutters Twilight Sparkle had large attachable wings and was decorated with multicolored stripes. The wings had cutout stars decorating them.

Twilight Sparkle & Sunset Breezie


Twilight Sparkle was featured in her Rainbow Power design. Also included was a molded Breezie, named Sunset Breezie, a locket and a key.

Funko Princess Twilight Sparkle


Funko released a vinyl collectible figure of Twilight Sparkle. One in every twenty-four was a "chase" figure that was a translucent glittery version.

Rainbow Power Friendship Rainbow Kingdom

100 6027.JPG

Ponymania Collection

Photo Needed Placeholder.jpg

Year Six (2015)

Rainbow Power

Photo Needed Placeholder.jpg

Rainbow Shimmer Twilight Sparkle


Cutie Mark Magic

Cmm twilight.jpg
Cmm twilight mip.jpg
Cutie Mark Magic

Charm Carriage

100 6695.JPG

Hairbow Singles

Photo Needed Placeholder.jpg

Year Seven (2016)

Pearlized Single

100 6564.JPG

Friendship Express Train

100 6697.JPG

Year Eight (2017)

On the Go Purse

100 6931.JPG

Year Nine (2018)

Year Ten (2019)

Brushable Single


Molded Hair Single

Photo Needed Placeholder.jpg

On The Go

Photo Needed Placeholder.jpg

Rainbow Wings


When her cutie mark is pressed, her wings and horn lights up.

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