Wind wavers

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Wind wavers
Size comparison: wind wavers and ponies
Wind wavers using their 'bagpipes'

Wind wavers are a type of pixie found in the G1 comic books. They are also known as wind pixies.

The wind wavers first came to Ponyland when they were trying to escape from the Wind Wizard. Skyflier helped them by literally blowing the wizard away with her kite and the wind wavers happily decided to remain in Ponyland. They were friendly with all the ponies, but particularly Skyflier.

Wind wavers are very small and resemble tiny humanoid figures who have pointed ears and who lack noses. They wear brightly colored doublets, baggy pants, hoods with a curl on top, and shoes with curled toes.

Wind wavers can make the wind blow either by simply waving their arms up and down or by blowing on instruments that resemble bagpipes.


  • In "My Little Pony" #7, they are being pursued by the Wind Wizard, who wants to trap them in bottles.[1]


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