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Ace is one of the semi-main characters in My Little Pony Tales TV Series. He features in the episodes The Play’s the Thing, Shop Talk, The Great Lemonade Stand Wars, Roll Around the Clock and Just For Kicks. He is voiced by Brad Swaile.

The Play’s the thing: In this episode he’s only there to be a friend to Teddy so they can make fun of the rehearsal. He’s there to see Melody preform but when she does it badly he tries to defend her poor preformence to Teddy. By the end of the rehearsal though even he’s laughing. On the night of the show Ace finishes the episode by giving Melody some flowers on stage.

Shop talk: He first enters the episode when the girls are making fun of Teddy for having a Teddy bear. He over hears this then spreads the rumour and makes fun of Teddy. Ace is finally humiliated and taught his lesson when he’s tricked into dressing up and acting as a baby.

The Great Lemonade Stand War: Ace sets up a rival lemonade stand to the girls and he steals Bon Bon’s recipe off of Bon Bon when he tricks her into thinking he likes her. Ace takes all the business away from the girls but the girls switch to an Ice Tea recipe thanks to Lancer switching sides in this war.

Roll Around the Clock: Ace is seen at the start practicing with Melody for a skating competition later on. Mid episode he tries to teach Lancer how to win Bright eyes' love and finally during the judging Ace and Melody try to best each other, then fall over blaming each other which leads to the Judge disqualify them.

An Apple for Starlight: Ace’s main role here is when they're on the field trip. They all end up in Pinto Cave trapped. They’d slid down a hill and couldn’t get back up it to go home. So the ponies build a pully like Mrs Hackney had been showing them earlier in class and Ace helps pull each one of them back up the hill including himself just before the pully breaks.

Birds of a feather: He goes with Bright eyes, Patch and Bon Bon to look for the Green winged Song bird. He appears to be their guide with his Pony Scout skills and using his compass. They soon find themselves lost in the woods where they eventually find the green wing. Only too see the bird's natural habitat is being destroyed. They all get an award from the Mayor for alerting them and informing them on how to look after their environment better.

Just For Kicks: Ace joins the girls during their break after their work out to get Patch to go to Soccer practice with him. The love bug bites him when Melody walks in and he offers Melody a shake. Then drinks it himself when she refuses. During goal kick practice he misses his shot splashing Starlight who's trying to get his attention, with mud. While Starlight is trying out for the Soccer team Ace has to stop her goal shot which he does tripping Starlight into the goal, Patch then whacks him on the head with the soccer ball, the Soccer coach still adds Starlight too the team anyways believing Ace had made her nervous. During the actual match he tells Patch to give him the ball as Starlight can’t be trusted but when he isn’t open and Starlight is, Patch passes it to her and they win! Ace leaves to sulk but he later apologies to Starlight at the ice cream parlor and they get talking.


Animated Pony Stats

  • Pose: N/A
  • Body Colour: Peach
  • Hair Colour: Pale Yellow
  • Eye Colour: Blue
  • Symbol: Soccer Ball