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The Activity Club was the fan club for collectors in the UK during G1, running between 1986 and 1991. For a yearly fee, Club members would receive three packs (a welcome pack, a summer pack and winter pack) featuring newsletters, a membership certificate and badge, assorted gifts and in the latter years a Club exclusive baby pony.

1986 Activity Club

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The My Little Pony Activity Club was first advertised (and would subsequently be advertised) in the My Little Pony Comic. As well as the certificate and badge, members would receive two full colour newsletters containing news, puzzles, things to make and pictures sent in by fans. Gifts this year included a drawstring bag and a length of pink ribbon printed with a repeating pattern of four line-drawn ponies in blue.

1987 Activity Club

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The second year saw an identically designed membership certificate and badge, two more full colour newsletters, a full size 1987 wall calender, three part wall frieze and several items of My Litte Pony branded stationery.

1988 Activity Club

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The membership certificate for 1988 had a minor redesign to include images of newer ponies, however the badge remained the same as previous years. Members would receive 'The Adventures in Ponyland Game', a poster based board game with cards cut out from sheets of printed paper.

1989 Activity Club

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1989 saw the first ever exclusive Activity Club baby pony. Although Issue 1 of the newsletter features a picture of a symbol-less white baby with red hair, the baby was actually white with white hair. The membership certificate this year took the form of an adoption certificate for the new baby and contained space for her new owner to name her. The club featured three newsletters this year (instead of the usual two) though they were no longer full colour and both the membership badge and the decorated mailing envelope had new designs.

1990 Activity Club

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In 1990 the exclusive baby pony was Baby Bridesmaid, and the club was themed around weddings for the year. This extended to the membership certificate which took the form of an invitation to the wedding of an unspecified bride and groom in Ponyland. As well a newly redesigned membership badge, members also received a length of dark pink ribbon and a colour-me wall calender for 1991.

1991 Activity Club

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The final year of the Activity Club featured a new exclusive baby pony: Baby Fun and Games (It may be worth noting that all Club literature uses "and" not "'n" in the pony's name). Issue 2 of the newsletter contains the notice that the club "will not be continuing next year", and also a horseshoe points offer to get Baby Ribbons and Hearts, who many have assumed would have been the Club baby for 1992 had the Club continued, despite her being available via Mail Order previously.

Ponies Exclusively for Activity Club Members

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