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Baby Ribbon is a G1 Baby Pony.

G1 BBE Baby Ribbon

Pony Stats

  • Pose:
  • Body Colour: Blue
  • Hair Colour: Yellow with orange streak in mane
  • Eye Colour: Turquoise
  • Symbol: Large white ribbon


Back Card Stories

Media Appearances

Baby Ribbon starred in the My Little Pony & Friends TV series.

Argentina Fancy Pants Baby Ribbon

File:Ar BabyRibbon.jpg
G1 MOC Argentina Fancy Pants Baby Ribbon

Play & Care Baby Ribbon

Stamped patent pending and non patent pending versions exist. The non patent pending stamped version is slightly greener than the patent pending stamped version.

G1 NBBE Baby Ribbon
G1 Baby Ribbon Foot Comparison

In selected European countries, including the UK, Baby Ribbon was released in a NBBE form, as part of the "Play & Care" collection.

Spanish Baby Ribbon

G1 Spanish Baby Ribbon

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