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Clover is a G1 Earth Pony. She is one of the main characters in the My Little Pony Tales TV series. Despite this, her toy availability was limited to a select group of countries, and was unavailable in the United States. A similar pony was created for G2, Clever Clover.


G1 Clover
MOC Clover

Pony Stats

  • Pose: Crumpet Pose
  • Body Colour: Purple
  • Hair Colour: Pink
  • Eye Colour: Pink
  • Symbol: One large and one small four leaf clover


Backcard Stories

Starlight, Melody, Patch and Clover arrived at Shapes, the fitness club, for their regular work-out! "I hope the others don't take too long to get here, I can't wait to get into the Jazz routine!" said Melody. "Me too; as soon as I step into The Shapes Club my feet start tapping to the beat," said Patch. The ponies waited for their friends in anticipation! "Well, I can't wait any longer, let's meet them inside," said Starlight. Just then, hurrying around the corner, came Bright-Eyes, Bon-Bon and Sweet-Heart. "Ready for our work-out girls?" cried Bright-Eyes.

Media Appearances

Clover in mlpt cartoon

Animated pony stats

  • Body Colour: Light Purple
  • Hair Colour: Light Pink
  • Eye Colour: Pink
  • Symbol: Four leaf clover

Clover was one of the main characters in the My Little Pony Tales TV series, in which her voice was played by Lalainia Lindbjerg. Clover was shown to be accident prone, and tended to burst into tears due to her perceived ineptitude. However, her plans usually work out due to luck or help from her friends. Despite her clumsiness, Clover dreams of being a ballerina like her older sister.


In one episode she takes a Bubble Bath and sings about the "Good Ol Days".

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