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Custom Redesigned My Little Ponies

For as long as there have been pony collectors, there have been Hasbro-inspired creations made by fans. The very first mail order baby pony, Ember, arrived to thousands of children as a "blank flank," an empty canvas of sorts that let children add a symbol if they decided to do so. And with this, a sub feature of pony fandom was born. Oftentimes well loved groups of ponies will arrive to collectors with obvious modifications like trimmed manes, painted nails, permanent lipstick stains or marker and highlighter all over the body. In general, this drastically will decrease the resale value of said ponies, as they are not in the original condition. Ponies in this shape have colloquially become known as "bait" ponies.

However, many collectors have become adept at taking ponies that have been battered and abused beyond repair and using their artistic skills to make something new come out of it. With an eye for colors and the patient hand of a rehairing needle, many ponies can be brought back to life as a collector quality piece of artwork.

Common artist materials used include but are not limited to acrylic paint, oil and watercolor pencils, air dry or oven baked clays, model sculpting material, acrylic or monofiber hair, heavy duty glue and some sort of waterproof sealant. Some or all of these mediums would be applied over the top of an existing pony body.

Hasbro Inspired Customs

Original Design Customs