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Media Appearances

The human version of Rainbow Dash is a student at Canterlot High. She is a main character in the Equestria Girls movies and appears in many of the shorts.



Original Single
Rainbow Dash MIB

In this first release of Rainbow Dash, she is wearing her standard outfit from the Equestria Girls movies and shorts.

Fall Formal Single

Fall Formal Rainbow Dash MIB

Rainbow Dash was released as a single in the Fall Formal line. She is wearing her outfit from the end of the Equestria Girls Movie. Her skirt is covered in glitter.

School Dance Collection

Fall Formal Collection Rainbow Dash
Fall Formal Collection
Fall Formal Collection MIB

The School Dance Collection Rainbow Dash is nearly identical to the Fall Formal Single except that her hair and skirt are made of pearlized plastic and the paint on her boots is also pearlized. The set also included pearlized Fall Formal versions of Twilight Sparkle, Pinkie Pie, Rarity, Applejack, and Flash Sentry.

School Pep Rally Set

School Pep Rally Set
Pep Rally Rainbow Dash
Back of Headband

The School Pep Rally Set includes Rainbow Dash wearing a school sweatshirt, tail that attaches to her waist, and a headband with pony ears. Among the other accessories, the set comes with either a pink flag and blue drink or vice versa. A lightning bolt is embossed on the back of the right ear of the headband to mark it as belonging to Rainbow Dash.

Rockin' Music Class

Rainbow Rocks Rainbow Dash
Rockin' Music Class Set
Rockin' Music Class MIB
Rockin' Music Class MIB (variant legs)

The Rockin' Music Class Set includes Rainbow Dash in her outfit from the end of the Rainbow Rocks movie and all of the Rainbooms' instruments. There are variants with the colors of her legs swapped.

Elements of Friendship Doll & Pony

As part of the Toys R Us exclusive Elements of Friendship line, Rainbow Dash came in a set with a glitter covered version of her pony counterpart. She has a glittery bangs and a glittery red lightning bolt on her shirt.

Mall Single

Rainbow Dash
Rainbow Dash MIB

Rainbow Dash came as a single in the Mall Collection. Her outfit is based on the one she wears in the "Good Vibes" music video.

Sporty Beach Set

Sporty Beach Rainbow Dash
Sporty Beach Rainbow Dash
Sporty Beach Set
Sporty Beach Set MIB

Rainbow Dash was released in a large accessory pack as part of the Beach collection. She wears her beach outfit from the "Forgotten Friendship" special. The jet ski is designed to hold two dolls.

Chibi Rainbow Dash

Chibi Rainbow Dash
Chibi Rainbow Dash MOC

As part of the mini 3 inch figure line, a version of Rainbow Dash in her new outfit was released.

Theme Park Single

The Theme Park line includes a single of Rainbow Dash. She wears her outfit introduced in the "Forgotten Friendship" special.

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