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Media Appearances

There are two versions of the human Twilight Sparkle. In the first two movies and corresponding shorts, she is the pony Twilight Sparkle who has come through a magic mirror from Equestria. A brief teaser at the end of Rainbow Rocks shows the Twilight that lives in the human world. This is the Twilight that appears in the Friendship Games movie where she attends and competes for Crystal Prep. At the end of the movie, there is a brief scene where the human and pony versions meet each other. Following the events in the Friendship Games, the human Twilight transfers to Canterlot High and joins the rest of the main cast from that point on.



Original Single
Twilight Sparkle MIB

In this first release of Twilight Sparkle, she is wearing her standard outfit from the Equestria Girls movies and shorts.

Slumber Party Set

Twilight Sparkle Slumber Party Set
Slumber Party Twilight Sparkle
Twilight Sparkle Slumber Party Set MIB

Twilight Sparkle came in a small accessory set as part of the slumber party line. Spike the dog was also included in the set. He wears a collar and can hold the accompanying dog toy in his mouth.

Canterlot High Dance Playset

Canterlot High Dance Playset
Fall Formal Twilight Sparkle
Canterlot High Dance Playset MIB

The Fall Formal version of Twilight Sparkle was included in the Canterlot High Dance Playset. She is wearing her outfit from the end of the Equestria Girls Movie with her skirt covered in glitter.

School Dance Collection

Fall Formal Collection Twilight Sparkle
Fall Formal Collection
Fall Formal Collection MIB

The School Dance Collection Twilight Sparkle is nearly identical to the one from the Canterlot High playset except that her hair and skirt are made of pearlized plastic and her paint is also pearlized. The set also included pearlized Fall Formal versions of Rarity, Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, Applejack, and Flash Sentry.

Pep Rally Single

Pep Rally Twilight Sparkle

The Pep Rally Single of Twilight Sparkle has the same boots and skirt as the original single. She is wearing a school sweatshirt and comes with a tail that attaches to her waist and a headband with pony ears.

Rainbow Rocks Single

Rainbow Rocks Twilight Sparkle
Rainbow Rocks Twilight Sparkle MIB

The Rainbow Rocks Single of Twilight Sparkle has an extra wide pink stripe in her hair and is wearing her outfit from the end of the Rainbow Rocks movie. She came with a hot pink microphone and blue doll stand. There are variants with the colors of her legs reversed.

Science Star Class

Science Star Twilight Sparkle
Science Star Class Set
Science Star Class Set MIB

Twilight Sparkle came in a science class themed large accessory set. She wears her lab outfit as seen at the end of Rainbow Rocks, beginning of Friendship Games, and in the "Mad Twience" music video.

Elements of Friendship Sparkle Collection

As part of the Toys R Us exclusive Elements of Friendship line, Twilight Sparkle was included in the Sparkle Collection set with Pinkie Pie, Rarity, and Fluttershy. She has a glittery pink stripe in her hair and three large glittery pink stars on her skirt.

Mall Single

Twilight Sparkle
Twilight Sparkle MIB

Twilight Sparkle came as a single in the Mall Collection. Her outfit is based on the one she wears in the "Good Vibes" music video.

Switch 'n Mix Fashions

Twilight Sparkle Switch N Mix Set
Standard Outfit
Lab Outfit
Twilight Sparkle Switch N Mix Set MIB

Twilight Sparkle was released in a set with removable hair and clothes. It included two hairstyles, her standard outfit, a labcoat, a casual dress, two pair of shoes and a few additional accesories.

Beach Single

Twilight Sparkle was released as a single in the Beach collection. She wears her beach outfit from the "Forgotten Friendship" special.

Chibi Twilight Sparkle

Chibi Twilight Sparkle
Chibi Twilight Sparkle MOC

As part of the mini 3 inch figure line, a version of Twilight Sparkle in her new outfit was released.

Theme Park Single

The Theme Park line includes a single of Twilight Sparkle. She wears her outfit introduced in the "Forgotten Friendship" special.

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