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Nirvana Ponies by Country
Argentina Australia Brazil Colombia Netherlands France
Germany Greece Italy India Japan Macau
Mexico Peru Scandinavia Spain South Africa Venezuela
French hooves

French ponies are considered "French" because they were made in France. Their hooves are marked "MADE IN FRANCE". [1]

-Bow Tie Pose
-Collectors Pose, blue body
-blue body, white hair, pink bows
-blue body, rainbow hair, pink bows
-pink body, with six white bows, blue hair, purple eyes
-with pink hair
-with white hair
-with blue hair
-CC body with a twilight head - prototype
-with purple eyes
-with blue eyes
-purple tail
-blue tail
-with light pink hair
-with a silver planet with a blue ring
-with a blue planet with a silver ring
-with a white planet with a blue ring
-coral mane stripe
-pink mane stripe
-non-glittery symbol
-white with dark purple hair with a white streak in the mane, non-glittery symbol
-with freckles
-without freckles
-blue body and rainbow mane and tail
-with a blue body and lavender hair with a bright yellow streak
-with a blue body and dark purple hair with a golden yellow streak
-with a darker blue body and rainbow mane and tail (hybrid with French Moonstone)

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