Happy Hearts Cottage

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North American Happy Hearts Cottage with Both Petite Pony Versions
German Happy Hearts Cottage
Happy Hearts Cottage Box
Happy Hearts Cottage B.jpg
Happy Hearts Cottage Contents
Molded Tail Puddles
Ponytail Puddles
Puddles' Symbol
Ponytail Puddles, MIP w/ Star Pick
Happy Hearts Cottage Instructions Page 1
Happy Hearts Cottage Instructions Page 2

Happy Hearts Cottage is one of the Petite Pony Homes. It is a yellow home with a blue roof and a peach yard base. Its white horseshoe lock is activated by placing any Petite Pony on it and turning her to the right. Upon turning the lock, a spring and lever inside the home base drops open the right side wall, revealing the inside of the home for play.

Included accessories are two pieces of white fence, a pink star pick, and three rooftop railings (two short and one long), a bathtub, a seesaw, a vanity, and a sofa that are a combination of either aqua and pink or purple and yellow.

The included Petite Pony, Puddles, is pink with blue hair and a yellow duck symbol. She comes in two versions, molded tail or Ponytail. The Ponytail version has a molded light pink bow at the base of her tail.

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