Happy Hoof Market

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Happy Hoof Market (missing sign)
Happy Hoof Market
Happy Hoof Market
Petite Pony Tabby (US version)
Petite Pony Tabby (European version)
Symbol, Cash register
Sign, placed on the roof of the building

Happy Hoof Market was one of the Petite Pony Shoppes. It was pink with a rounded signage on top. The sides open and the meat/deli counter attaches to one side and the cash register attaches to the other. There are many stickers to decorate the market. It included 2 pieces of white fence, produce counter, meat/deli counter, cash register, shopping cart, shopping bag, table, scooter and gumball machine in the purple and yellow in the US and blue and white in Europe.

It came with the molded-tail Petite Pony Tabby in the US, who was dark pink with lavender hair, and had a lavender cash register as her symbol. The European version of Tabby is a ponytail pony with a purple tail and a yellow bow.

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