Hurricane Fluttershy

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Hurricane Fluttershy
Generation 4 | Season 2 | Episode 22
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
Original Airdate March 24, 2011
Writer(s) Cindy Morrow
Director(s) James "Wootie" Wootton
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Hurricane Fluttershy is the twenty-second episode of Season Two of the show My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.


Rainbow Dash is seen spreading flyers around Ponyville, which inform of a mandatory meeting for all Ponyville Pegasi at the library that night. All the Pegasi attend that night, though Fluttershy is reluctant and is forced to attend by Rainbow Dash.

At the meeting, the ponies watch an educational video that explains how rainclouds are formed: a team of pegasi must form a tornado to pull water out of a reservoir up to the city of Clousdale, where the rainclouds are produced. It is mentioned that the pegasi must generate a minimum of 800 wingpower for a successful transfer. After the video, Rainbow Dash explains that Ponyville has been chosen for this yearly duty, and will have their wingpower numbers recorded by Spitfire, the wonderbolts captain. Rainbow Dash explaisn that if everypony trains hard, they have the potential to beat the record set last year by Fillydelphia. Most of the pegasi react enthusiastically, but Rainbow Dash notices that Fluttershy has disappeared.

The next day, the Pegasi begin training. Fluttershy attempts to play sick, but Rainbow Dash sees through her ruse. Fluttershy reveals that she fears flying in front of others, due to a history of being teased for her weak flying skills. Fluttershy initially refuses to help, but reluctantly agrees after seeing Rainbow Dash turn away sadly. At the training session, Pegasi are having their wingpower measured by Twilight Sparkle. Rainbow Dash states that every pony needs to get above 10 wingpower to beat the record. Fluttershy eventually has her speed measured. Before starting, she notices two Pegasi laughing for unrelated reasons, and panicking, manages only 0.5 wingpower. Though Twilight and Rainbow Dash attempt to spin this in a positive light, Fluttershy is reminded of her past teasing and runs off.

In the forest, Fluttershy is comforted by her animal friends, who convince her to begin an intense training regimen to improve. Despite her hard work however, she managers to only get 2.3 wingpower on her second measurement. Beleving she is not good enough, Fluttershy once again leaves.

The next day, the pegasi gather to begin the water transfer. However, Rainbow Dash learns that at least 7 pegasi are ill, meaning that they may not even have enough wingpower to complete the transfer, much less break the record. The first attempt fails, though Rainbow Dash rallies the Pegasi for another attempt. Fluttershy arrives at this point, stating that she felt she could offer moral support. Meanwhile, the pegasi are 5 wingpower short of the necessary tornado speed. Twilight convinces Fluttershy to help, though Fluttershy believes her contribution would not be enough. Though Fluttershy is impeded by her bad memories, she manages to overcome them and reach the required 5 wingpower to complete the transfer.

After the water is transferred to Cloudsdale, the other Pegasi celebrate with Fluttershy. Fluttershy is heard narrating a letter to Princess Celestia, explaining how she learned that everyone's contribution is important and to believe in yourself.

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