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Fan Club Poster
Powder Puff charm came with the My Little Pony Fan Club kit
Powder Puff
Membership Card

In Year Two of Generation 1 there was a US My Little Pony fan club for young pony enthusists.

The year five they created a new club to replace the old one. [1] [2]


Offer to Join insert

This pamphlet details everything you get when you join the My Little Pony Fan Club:

  • Blue Ribbon Award and Membership Card
  • Official My Little Pony Sew-on Emblem
  • My Little Pony Paper Doll to color and dress
  • My Little Pony "Powder Puff" Scented Necklace
  • Beautiful, Full-Color Poster to decorate your room

German Pony-Club

Baby Firefly Pony-Club sticker
Sweet Stuff Pony-Club sticker

Scandinavion Pony-Club from Sweden

Lickey Split

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