Ponyville Scootaloo

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Ponyville Scootaloo
Ponyville Scootaloo
Ponyville Scootaloo

Pony Stats

  • Pose: Ponyville Minty Pose, Ponyville Scootaloo Pose, Ponyville Rainbow Dash Pose
  • Body Colour: Orange
  • Hair Colour: Pink and purple
  • Eye Colour: Purple
  • Symbol: Pink butterfly
  • Hoof Heart: Pink


Backcard Stories

Year Six (2008)

Scootaloo Dressed Like a Clown

  • 2008

Snacks with Cheerilee and Scootaloo

  • 2008

Join CHEERILEE and SCOOTALOO pony pals as they don their picnic time hats and enjoy a "feast" that's fit for a pony! Fill the basket with yummy pony-sized snacks, like bananas and milk and set up the table for the perfect pony spread! Make-believe muffins, cake, cookies and a refreshing drink help make up this fun pony picnic. Clip a cool "drink" to each pony figure or let one of them "carry" the basket full of goodies! But don't forget to save room for ice cream! A yummy "sundae" -- just right for the picnicking ponies -- is the perfect ending to a treat-filled day! CHEERILEE and SCOOTALOO pony figures come with a picnic table with umbrella, 2 hats, picnic basket and lots of snack accessories. -hasbro.com

suggested retail: $10.99


Scoot Along with Scootaloo

Ponyville Scootaloo

Everyday, SCOOTALOO pony and her friends set out to explore the wonders of PONYVILLE. Everywhere they go, they find smiles, sunshine and lots of surprises! SCOOTALOO pony is on a roll in this colorful scooter! Fill the scooter's basket with everything she needs for a day of adventure on the open road -- and don't forget her water bottle. Sporting her helmet with visor, this pretty pony figure is ready to go and the fun is just beginning!Playset includes pony figure, scooter, helmet with visor, water bottle, bunny, 2 flowers, and clip-on travel bag accessories. -hasbro.com

suggested retail: $4.99

Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle's Tricycle


When you want to hit the open road, your SCOOTALOO and SWEETIE BELLE ponies are the perfect companions! Snap on a cute helmeted-hairstyle onto each pony and set them in their tricycle and cart vehicles. With a lunch pail, sandwich, juice box and other fun accessories, you and these two are ready for a bike ride adventure that could last all afternoon or longer!

Pony figures come with two removable hairstyles, tricycle and cart vehicles and other bike ride-themed accessories.

Ponyville Adventure Game


2009 Redesign


Anthro Scootaloo

Skating Fun with Scootaloo

  • 2009

SCOOTALOO pony’s always on the go and she wants you to go with her! This little speedster is wearing her favorite skating attire and now it’s up to you to set out her obstacle accessories and send her whirling, twirling and super-speed skating all around them. When she’s done, give her a sip from her water bottle—you’ll both have earned a break!

suggested retail: $5.99

Gymnastics Fun with Scootaloo

  • 2009

SCOOTALOO pony loves to work on her gymnastics routines and her favorite gym partner is you! This little gymnast is dressed in her favorite leotard and leg warmers and is all set for you to help her shine on her balance beam accessory. When her workout is over, grab her pony-sized gym bag and take a break—the two of you have definitely earned it!

Pony figure comes with accessories." -hasbro.com

suggested retail $4.99

Halloween Pinkie Pie and Scootaloo

  • 2009

It’s scary how much fun you’ll have with your PINKIE PIE and SCOOTALOO ponies as you help them celebrate Halloween! Dress one pony up like a pirate with a pirate’s hat on her removable “hair” and a parrot accessory that clips to her leg. Then put the cat mask on the other pony and give her the pumpkin basket accessory so she can collect all kinds of trick-or-treat goodies! And with ponies this cute, who wouldn’t treat them to sweets galore?

Includes 2 pony figures with 2 removable wigs, parrot, cat mask and pumpkin basket accessories. -hasbro.com

suggested retail: $6.99

Year Eight (2010)

Get Pretty Beauty Set

Mermaid Scootaloo

Pony stats

  • Pose: Mermaid Scootaloo Pose
  • Body Colour: Orange
  • Hair Colour: Pink and purple
  • Eye Colour: Purple
  • Tail Colour: Pink
  • 2010

Came with Cheerilee and Scootaloo

Whenever the ponies visit the sea, they magically become beautiful mermaids! They love to explore the ocean for surprises and hidden treasure. Join the MERMAID PONIES as they have waves of fun discovering this new world!

Sisters Cheerilee and SCOOTALOO love to get pretty together! They try on each other’s jewelry and take turns looking in the mirror.

These two “under the sea” cuties always love to look pretty, but they need your help to find just the right look! Try different accessories on your CHEERILEE and SCOOTALOO pony figures and let them see how they look with their vanity accessory. Your fashionable MERMAID PONIES figures are sure to “make waves” with their styles!

CHEERILEE and SCOOTALOO pony figures come with a vanity set and accessories. Set includes an undersea charm.

Ages 4 and up." - hasbro.com

suggested retail: $10.99

Mermaid Scootaloo

  • single pony release

Toys "R" Us Ponyville Four-Pack

  • 2010

comes with repackaged single releases of:

Hasbro's online product description:

Exclusively at Toys 'R' Us

Pinkie Pie meets her friends at the amusement park for games and giggles! STARSONG loves to put on shows for all her friends! SCOOTALOO practices gymnastics! Sweetie Belle loves butterflies and flowers!

These four new friends all have their own favorite activities—and they come with fun accessories so they can share these activities with you! Your PINKIE PIE pony figure is always ready for fun and her amusement park-theme accessories just add to the delight. Your pretty STARSONG pony figure was a born star and she’ll love it when you two “take the stage” together! Your SCOOTALOO pony figure is super active and she’ll just “flip” when you help her with her gymnastics moves and accessories. Your sweet SWEETIE BELLE pony will love getting a hand from you to help her “garden” grow. With busy friends like these, there’s always something to do and always new fun to discover!

Four pony figures come with more than 12 accessories.

Ages 4 and up."

suggested retail: $19.99

Scootin' Along with Scootaloo and Toola-Roola

  • 2009

Help SCOOTALOO and TOOLA-ROOLA ponies explore the world around them by zipping around in their own little vehicles. Put one pony in the “car” and the other on the “scooter” and make sure they’ve brought their purses, keys and other accessories. But wait, there’s something they have to do before they cruise through town with you—make sure they stop at the “stoplight”!

Includes 2 pony figures, 2 wig accessories and 8 other accessories.

suggested retail: $10.99

Blind Bag Scootaloo

  • 2010

Blind Bag Mermaid Scootaloo

  • 2010 International Exclusive

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