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Princess Luna is a G4 Pegasus Unicorn pony. She is a supporting character in My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Within the show, she formerly possessed a separate villainous identity known as Nightmare Moon. Princess Luna has been featured in a variety of merchandise, with most boxart featuring her appearance from the first season. Earlier toys featured a basic unicorn head on a basic pegasus body. After the introduction of Princess Cadance, Luna received a redesigned mold closer to her animated appearance.

Media Appearances

Animated Princess Luna Season 1
Animated Princess Luna Season 2

Animated Pony Stats

  • Body Color: Purple-blue(Season 1)/Dark Blue (Season 2+)
  • Hair Color: Light blue (Season 1)/Blue with translucent blue border(Season 2+)
  • Eye Color: Teal
  • Symbol: A crescent moon with stars on black background

Princess Luna is the younger sister of Princess Celestia and co-ruler of Equestria. She is responsible for raising and lowering the moon each night, and has the ability to travel into other ponies' dreams. 1000 years prior to the series setting, Luna became jealous of Celestia when the ponies shunned her nights but enjoyed the day. She eventually transformed into the evil Nightmare Moon as a result of this jealousy, and was imprisoned in the moon. 1000 years later, Nightmare Moon would reappear, but would be reverted to her original form as Princess Luna thanks to Twilight Sparkle and the Elements of Harmony. A repentant Luna then resumed her royal duties.

Princess Luna is voiced by Tabitha St. Germain.

Animated Luna has two distinct appearances: her Season 1 appearance, and a redesign for Season 2 and beyond. In Season 1, Luna possessed a purple-blue body and light blue hair. All later appearances showed Luna with a taller, darker blue body and a translucent wavy mane similar to Celestia's. Lauren Faust gave fans her best guess for the change. After being forced out of her Nightmare Moon form, Luna lost most of her magical power. I.e. the power that made her hair all magical looking. Over a little time she regained her full power and got her fancy hair back. [1]


Year Two (2011)

Princess Celestia and Princess Luna

Princess Luna
Princess Luna
Princess Luna
Princess Luna's symbol
MIB Princess Celestia and Princess Luna
Stock photo

Pony Stats

  • Pose: Princess Luna Pose
  • Body Colour: Purple-blue
  • Hair Colour: Light purple, Indigo, Light Teal
  • Eye Colour: Teal
  • Symbol: A crescent moon with stars and dark purple blotches with glitter
  • Hoof Heart:

Accessories Tiara

"Backcard Story"


CANTERLOT is the royal city in EQUESTRIA and home to PRINCESS CELESTIA. The princess lives in a magical castle. Every pony dreams of visiting CANTERLOT!

Royal sisters PRINCESS CELESTIA and PRINCESS LUNA work together to rule over EQUESTRIA peacefully!

Fashion Style Princess Celestia and Princess Luna


Princess Luna came as a Fashion Style pony with her sister Princess Celestia in the Fashion Style Princess Luna and Princess Celestia Set in the Canterlot line from Target.

Canterlot Castle


Princess Luna came as a Shine Bright pony in the Target exclusive Canterlot Castle .

Year Three (2012)

Fashion Style Princess Luna

FS Princess Luna.jpg
FS Princess Luna Accessories.jpg
FS Princess Luna Symbol.jpg
FS Princess Luna MIB.jpg

This single version of Fashion Style Princess Luna does not have tinsel or glitter unlike the Target version. Her mane colors are slightly different and in a different order. She also has a pearlized body while the Target version is matte.

She came with two star barrettes and two shooting star barrettes but the colors could be switched.

Prototype Fashion Style Princess Luna

Prototype luna.jpg

Prior to the release of the new Luna Fashion Style factory rejects leaked onto Taobao. This variant does not have tinsel but has glittered wings and symbols like the Target version. She has the same hair color as the 2nd release of Luna. Her body is matte and her head is pearly.

Blind Bag Figurine


Princess Luna was included as a blind bag figurine in Wave Six, in the Blind Bag Alicorn Pose. The included card states that she "stays up late", and includes her Season One stock art.

Year Four (2013)

Design-A-Pony Princess Luna


Luna was released as part of the Design-A-Pony Line. She had white molded hair and white wings that could be decorated. Included were two markers, and two sheets of stickers that could be used to decorate Luna.

Princess Luna & Rarity

Luna and Rarity.jpg
Two variants of head

Princess Luna from this release has two variants of head. The Crystal Empire version of Luna came packaged with Rarity. It featured a new taller mold for Luna (also used for Cadance and the alicorn version of Twilight Sparkle), and came with a tiara, three barrettes and a comb.

Midnight in Canterlot

Nightmare Moon

Year Five (2014)

Rainbow Shimmer Princess Luna

100 5956.JPG

Through the Mirror Fashion Style Princess Luna


Year Eight (2017)

Friendship Festival

  • Princess Parade
Photo Needed Placeholder.jpg

Year Nine (2018)

School of Friendship

Glitter Celebration

Luna glitter.JPG
Glitter Celebration Princess Luna
Glitter Celebration Princess Luna symbols

Ultimate Equestria Collection


Royal Ponies of Equestria

Photo Needed Placeholder.jpg

Rainbow Road Trip

Fashion Style Princess Singles

MiB Princess Luna

Pony Stats

  • Pose: G4 Fashion Style Alicorn Pose
  • Body Colour: Sparkly Navy
  • Hair Colour: Dark Blue and Dark Purple
  • Eye Colour: Teal
  • Symbol: Black Marking with Crescent Moon
  • Accessories: Blue and Green Marbled Comb

Year Ten (2019)

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