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Squire from My little Pony Tales Slumber Party

Squire is a minor character in My Little Pony Tales. He is a story/ghost invented by Patch in the episode Slumber Party and he lived in a castle on a hill just beyond Paradise Lake a long time ago to the current day of the other Ponies. Squire wanted to be a Knight; Squire’s father tells him that for him to be a Knight he must tame a dragon and not just any dragon, a dragon named Basil. His father tells him where Basil lives in the deepest darkest part of the forest and the next morning Squire sets off in search of this dragon. Squire was given his father’s sword encase of trouble and Squire does run into a serpent/snake that wraps around him but he sticks out his tongue and scares it off. Squire enters a cave to fight Basil, locating Basil he puts on some brave words but never gets the chance to tame Basil as Basil burns a hole in the floor and Squire falls right in. Squire doesn’t die but crawls out of the hole never to see Basil again. He’s still searching for the dragon to this day in PonyLand. At the end of the episode while Patch is half asleep, Squire's ghost thanks Patch for telling his story and asks her to let him know if she sees Basil. It doesn’t state if Patch was dreaming this or not though.

Pony Stats

  • Pose: Not Released
  • Body Colour: white
  • Hair Colour: yellow
  • Eye Colour: Grey
  • Symbol: A shield with a small snake.