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I'm an all-gen collector from the Mid-Atlantic US who has been active in the greater online MLP community since 2003 after becoming a co-founder of the My Little Pony Girls group from 2000 until the site shut down. In 2022, I changed my screen name to starbritesprinkles wherever I was able after learning that skig can be considered an offensive slur toward people of a certain ethnicity.

MLP has been a part of my life for as log as I can remember, all the way back to the mid-late '80s. My adult collecting passion was ignited when G3 began in 2003, and my collection has grown steadily and significantly over the years from my original 50+ G1 childhood collection, which I still have.

Currently, I'm maintaining the My Little Pony Fair page and updating G3 Ponies' pages when I'm able.