2009 Comic-Con Pony

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2009 collectors pony, evil side
2009 collectors pony, superhero side
2009 collectors pony MIB

2009's Comic Con pony was named Good Vs. Evil. She is a super hero/villian pony. One half of her body is a super hero exclaiming, "I'll save the day!" while the other half of her body is a villian shouting, "I'll rule the world!" She is mainly green and purple, with multi-tonal purple hair.

"The popular special edition MY LITTLE PONY figure available at San Diego Comic-Con will have fans “split” in 2009. One side of the iconic MY LITTLE PONY figure features a super hero ready to “save the day” while her other half features a super villain alter ego ready to “rule the world.” This comic book inspired design comes in a very unique package intended to let both sides of this pony’s personality shine through two clear “peek-a-boo” MY LITTLE PONY silhouettes on either side of the colorful box. This HasbroToyShop Exclusive launches at San Diego Comic-Con 2009! Get this exclusive figure while supplies last." -hasbrotoyshop.com

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