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Apple Pie, Loose
French Title MOC

Regional Names (English Translation)

  • Dutch: Appelgroen (Apple Green)
  • French: Pomme Verte (Green Apple)
  • Italian: Fruttina (Fruit)

Pony Stats

Precious, Loose with Accessories
  • Pose: Morning Glory Pose
  • Body Color: Teal
  • Hair Color: Green and Purple OR Pink Curly Mane and Pink Tail
  • Eye Color: Periwinkle with Green Crystal
  • Symbol: Purple Apple

Backcard Stories




  • Collect all the My Little Ponies and share in their adventures.
  • Apple Pie loves changing her mane and tail: she has a beautiful green and pink mane for the daytime and a nice pink curly mane for the nighttime! Apple Pie has also an apple-shaped barrette for her hair.



  • Verzamel alle My Little Ponies en beleef vele leuke avonturen met hen!
  • Appelgroen verandert graag haar manen en staart. Ze heeft een felgroene manenset om de dag fleurig te beginnen. 's Avonds verkiest ze dan weer haar uitbundige roze krullen. Appelgroen heeft ook een haarspeld in de vorm van een appel. Verander haar manen en staart! Om de manen te veranderen volstaat het de ster op haar voorhoofd los te maken!

English Translation: MAGIC MANE

  • Collect all My Little Ponies and have many fun adventures with them!
  • Applegreen likes to change her mane and tail. She has a bright green mane set to start the day brightly. In the evening she prefers her exuberant pink curls. Apple green also has a hairpin in the shape of an apple. Change her mane and tail! To change the mane, just detach the star on her forehead!



  • Collectionne tous Mes Petits Poneys et partage leurs aventures de tous les jours
  • 1 Pomme Verte adore changer de coiffure, elle aime porter sa crinière verte et violette la journée. En soirée, elle met sa magnifique crinière rase bouclée. Sa barrette est en forme de pomme! Change sa crinière et sa queue! Pour changer sa crinière, il suffit de retirer l'étoile de son front.

English Translation:


  • Collect all My Little Ponies and share their everyday adventures
  • 1 Green Apple loves changing her hairstyle, she likes to wear her green and purple mane during the day. In the evening, she puts on her magnificent short curly mane. Her barrette is apple-shaped! Change his mane and tail! To change his mane, simply remove the star from his forehead.



  • Collezionali e gioca con loro: i tuoi My Little Pony nella loro vita quotidiana.
  • 1 Fruttina adora cambiare spesso acconciatura: ha una bellissima chioma verde e rosa per il giorno, e una vivace chioma rosa con tanti ricciolini per la sera. Fruttina ha anche una molletta per capelli a forma di mela! Cambia la criniera e la coda! Per cambiare la criniera, stacca la stella sulla fronte.

English Translation:


  • Collect and play with them: your My Little Ponies in their daily lives.
  • 1 Fruit loves to change her hairstyle often: she has beautiful green and pink hair for the day, and lively pink hair with lots of curls for the evening. Fruit also has an apple-shaped hair clip! Change the mane and tail! To change the mane, detach the star on the forehead.

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