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Apple Bloom is a G4 Earth Pony foal. She is a supporting character in My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

Media Appearances

Animated Apple Bloom

Animated Pony Stats

  • Body Colour: Yellow
  • Hair Colour: Red
  • Eye Colour: Orange
  • Symbol: None (Seasons 1-4)/Tricolored shield with a heart in an apple (Season 5+)

Apple Bloom is the younger sister of Applejack and Big McIntosh, and lives with them on their family farm. For much of the series, she did not have a cutie mark, because she hadn't discovered her true talent. Because of her strong desire to earn her cutie mark, she would go on to found the Cutie Mark Crusaders, alongside her friends Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle, to discover it by trying various tasks. Though Apple Bloom shows talent at several different tasks, she eventually earns her cutie mark alongside the other two Cutie Mark Crusaders after realizing their talent at helping others understand their true talents.

Apple Bloom is voiced by Michelle Creber.


Fun at the Fair with Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle

MIB Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle

Pony Stats

Pony School Pals and Cheerilee

Stock photo
Stock photo

Apple Bloom was included in the Pony School Pals and Cheerilee set with Cheerilee, Sweetie Belle, and Scootaloo.

Backcard Story


APPLE BLOOM, SWEETIE BELLE and SCOOTALOO really want to earn their cutie marks, and they're not afraid of getting on stage to perform at the school talent show! Their teacher, CHEERILEE, is there to cheer them on!

Wedding Flower Fillies


SWEETIE BELLE, APPLE BLOOM and SCOOTALOO have never been to a wedding before. They can't wait to dress up and wear flowers in their hair! There's nothing like a wedding for dressing up fancy and inviting your prancing pony friends! This WEDDING FLOWER FILLIES set has 4 ponies who can't wait to come home with you and look their best. Set the date for a big wedding and get your APPLE BLOOM, SWEETIE BELLE and SCOOTALOO pony figures all ready for the special day! Dress them up, style their hair and accessorize their lovely tresses with the included bouquets and flower crowns. It will be a day to remember for you and your pony friends!

Class of Cutie Marks Set

Apple Bloom
Class of Cutie Marks Set MIB

Apple Bloom was included in the Class of Cutie Marks set as a Blind-Bag sized figurine, alongside Diamond Dazzle Tiara and Applejack. The figurine is fully molded and closely resembles her show appearance.

Cutie Mark Crusaders and Friends

Apple Bloom

Apple Bloom came in a collectors release.

"It's time for pony school! Your Cutie Mark Crusaders & Friends Collection has a whole class full of pony fun. Your Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo pony figures will learn a lesson about Cutie Marks from their teacher, your Cheerilee figure! The collection also includes Silver Spoon, Twist-a-loo and Star Dreams pony figures for even more ""horsing"" around. Be the best and the ""cutiest"" in your class with the Cutie Mark Crusaders & Friends Collection!"

Wild Rainbow Apple Bloom


The Wild Rainbow line was exclusively available at Target and featured animal print designs. Apple Bloom had a spotted design in her hair and on her back leg.

Friendship Express Train Around Town Playset


Year Nine (2018)

School of Friendship Collection Pack

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