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Appleloosa is a town in Equestria seen in the G4 TV Show, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. The town serves as the setting of the episode "Over a Barrel". The name is a play of the term Appaloosa, the name of a breed of horse.

Media Appearances

Appleloosa is a western-style town founded by members of the Apple family, and is a relatively new settlement. The town is accessible by train and is stated to have the finest comforts. The settlers of Appleloosa have large apple orchards; however, these orchards were built on the traditional stampeding ground of a herb of buffalo, initially causing conflict between the two groups. Appleloosa also occasionally holds a state fair, which includes competitions for apple growing.

In "Over a Barrel",Applejack and her friends would arrive in town to present a gift of an apple tree to her relatives and are given a tour by Applejack's cousin Braeburn. After learning of the confict, the Mane Six attempt to reach a compromise but fail. Eventually, the buffalo learn of the tasty Apple Pies the ponies make, and agree to let the orchards remain. In exchange, the settlers gave a small portion of pies to the buffalo and created a pathway through the orchards for the buffalo stampedes.

Appleloosa is given minor appearances and mentions throughout the rest of the series. In the two-parter "Twilight's Kingdom", the citizens are shown as an example of the magical strength of the Earth Ponies being stolen Tirek, which prevents them from properly tending the land. In the second part, they regain their magic after the Mane Six defeat Tirek.

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